Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Time Again!

I love the Olympics! I always have! I remember when I was younger it was the one time my mother slowed down, let her hair down, and watched TV. We would all sit around the TV every night and watch the athletes complete incredible feats. Other than the Olympics we almost never watched TV.

The year after Tom and I got married the Beijing Olympics came on. We didn't have a good TV to watch it with but the majority of the events were live streamed on the internet and Tom had a big screen computer. But last Olympics almost nothing was on the internet. I was so upset. I thought I would miss all the ice skating and skying. My parents took pity on me and helped me buy a TV .... just so I could watch the Olympics.

Like my parents I almost never watch TV except for the Olympics! I am going to have a party and greatly enjoy the opening ceremony tonight! I can't wait to introduce my girls to the joys of the Olympics!

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