Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Time Again!

I love the Olympics! I always have! I remember when I was younger it was the one time my mother slowed down, let her hair down, and watched TV. We would all sit around the TV every night and watch the athletes complete incredible feats. Other than the Olympics we almost never watched TV.

The year after Tom and I got married the Beijing Olympics came on. We didn't have a good TV to watch it with but the majority of the events were live streamed on the internet and Tom had a big screen computer. But last Olympics almost nothing was on the internet. I was so upset. I thought I would miss all the ice skating and skying. My parents took pity on me and helped me buy a TV .... just so I could watch the Olympics.

Like my parents I almost never watch TV except for the Olympics! I am going to have a party and greatly enjoy the opening ceremony tonight! I can't wait to introduce my girls to the joys of the Olympics!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dempsey Bakery

While on vacation I had the wonderful treat of making a pilgrimage to the Dempsey Bakery in Little Rock, AR. I say pilgrimage because it is simply the best gluten free bakery you will find anywhere. When you walk in the door it is set to look like a 1950s diner. It has red and white flooring and the walls are lined with black and white pictures of the gluten free family members of Mrs. Dempsey. They are inspiration behind the magic.

I can honestly say I have eaten many desserts there, breads, pizza crust, and so on and have never tasted anything less than the best gluten free food I have every had. My favorite bread from them is the Hearty Italian Bread. My husband and I bought a pizza crust, put our favorite toppings on it, and baked it... let me tell you it was the best gluten free pizza! I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

What I love most about the Dempsey Bakery is that they want to work with everyone's diet. They have a completely soy and nut free facility. It is the only place I can buy a cake for my mother that it gluten free, soy free, egg free, dairy free, and yeast free. You can walk into their bakery and say I need something that doesn't have ---- and they will find something to fit your requirements!

We had the joy of talking to Mrs. Dempsey while we were there and she was telling us that she is trying to work out a program with the hospitals where she provides meals that are gluten free, egg free, and so on! That would be amazing! When I was in the hospital giving birth I put on my forms my meal had to be gluten free they assumed gluten was the same of sugar so they sent me only sugar free items. Needless to say my husband wound up bringing all my food to the hospital. It would be wonderful if a place such as Dempsey could solve that problem for the gluten free community.

Dempsey Bakery has only been open for about a year but it is already making a huge impact on the gluten free community in Arkansas and I hope they grow bigger and stronger and I hope they become more widely available soon!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Husband's Project

I don't normally use my page to advertise but..... just this once please check it out!

My amazing husband is doing a kickstarter program to help him find the funding to teach children geography in a new interactive challenging way. He says that in history the people who understood geography the best were ship-men because they understood celestial navigation. With a combination of the old fashioned sextant and the newer GPS devices he hopes to be able to teach geography and history in a whole new way. Please check out his page

My Comedy of Errors

I haven't blogged in about 3 weeks. First I was on a wonderful amazing vacation! Then I came home and life hit hard and fast. I have been home for over a week now but we have dealt with head colds, fixed the AC, still dealing with a mysterious rash on my youngest, working on figuring out why children suddenly think sleep is not for them, helped my brother-in-law out while he was in the middle of a move, had company, having more company, my husband has returned to work and the issues they have there.... the list goes on. But rather than bore you with a list of why I haven't blogged I am just going to tell you about my morning.

My Comedy of Errors:

The past 2 nights I have had insomnia for some bizarre reason. After falling asleep around 1 am this morning Zizzy woke at 6am. I could barely keep my eyes open! Zizzy fell asleep on top of me around 7:30 or 8 only to have Dede wake up coughing. Dede's coughing woke Zizzy with a start and she started screaming, "I WANT DONUTS! I WANT DONUTS!" I replied, "I am sorry but I don't have any." That was received with screaming and wailing. I watch as the minutes slowly ticked by thinking, "My father in law is going to be here any minutes I HAVE TO GET DRESSED!" Sure enough before I had clothes on I saw his car pull in. I had layed out clothes the night before so I would not be caught unprepared as I have so many times in the past. Since the curtains were closed in the living room I quickly started changing. Tom walk in and raised his eye brows I said, "NOT ONE WORD!" My father in law dropped of my vegetables and left after a brief visit.

Tom left for work and I started preparing for our company tonight. Zizzy scaled the bathroom counter and started playing in the sink. I heard the water running but figured it would be ok to deal with that in a minute.... I was wrong.... a second later I heard the water overflowing and Zizzy screaming. I ran in to discover she dropped a cap into the sink just perfectly to completely clog the sink. I tried to pull the cap out but only succeeded in pushing the cap further down and thus making a bad situation worse. I called Tom.

While on the phone explaining the situation to Tom Zizzy starts yelling in the background, "I POOPING! I POOPING!" I reassure her I will change her diaper in a minute only to discover that in an attempt to poop in the potty she took her diaper off mid poop and was now covered. I quickly hung up on Tom and ran to clean up my child.

Once Zizzy was cleaned up I attempted to change Dede out of one of the Tutu's she now lives in so that we could go to the grocery store and pick up supplies for tonight's company. Dede did not think that was a good idea or necessary. As I am fighting her Zizzy slips into Tom's office and gets into his fountain pens and is now covered in ink.

sigh..... Thank goodness for nap time!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Fairy Tale

Five years ago today I married the most amazing man I have ever been blessed to meet. Since then life has flown by at amazing speeds and each time I stop to contimplate life I am amazed at how deeply blessed I am and how far we have come!

In the last 5 years I have graduated from college, watched my husband graduate from college, had 2 children, moved across 3 states, bought my first house, supported my husband's decision to return to school for a masters in teaching, learned how to garden, made friends, learned more than I ever wanted to know about air conditioning, helped my husband build a family table, and ultimately learned that I know nothing.

I am not an immaculate house keeper. I am not a perfect wife nor a perfect mother. I find though that that doesn't matter. What I have learned in the past 5 years is no matter what my husband loves me with an unconditional love. It is like a small taste of what God's love must be. I have learned my children don't want a perfect mother, they want me.

I have found I love my husband and my children more than I knew it was possible to love. It is like my husband's and my love for each-other started out as a small creek when we where dating, by the time we got married it had turned into a river, through the years our love continues to grow as though it is becoming an unstoppable ocean. When I think about our love for each-other, when I think of all the things we have done in the last 5 years, when I look into what the future could hold, I am overwhelmed with happiness. I have become a firm believer in fairy tales and happy endings because I am living mine.