Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What We All Miss Being Gluten Free

It is hard to make the transition to being gluten free. There are certain foods that just are not the same gluten free, and there are some that are better. You learn a whole new way of looking at food. I personally have never been able to figure out how to home make a good loaf of bread. Growing up, my mother made bread all the time and was known all over the town we came from for her bread. But I can't seem to recreate that magic. I keep hoping to come upon just the right recipe. As I contemplated one day what I missed I asked the question on facebook, "What do you miss being gluten free?"

I received answers from Ritz Crackers, Cream of Soups, Real ice cream sandwiches, french toast, Pretzels, pastys, soup, powdered donuts, State Fair Cheese Curds, and even one lady from New York said she misses Kaiser Rolls, bagels, and pizza.

What I really enjoyed seeing happen when I asked my question was how many people came forward with information, recipes, or solutions to what different people missed. I thought I might share some of that with you here today.

Bread seemed to be a big theme so I will start off with that:

Udi bread came up several times. One lady stated that she uses "the french toast on the "crunchy side" (not mushy)..I have been making french toast with Udi's plain bagels and it is really good! I cut the bagel across in 3 slices (instead of in half to make it thinner) and dip in mixture of eggs, water and cinnamon and cook in the skillet!"

Dempsey Bakery in Little Rock, AR has amazing bread! (I can personally attest to that from a recent visit to Arkansas!) They are small and have just started up with in the last 2 years. They do ship however! They do make all of their breads soy free as well, which is a huge plus for my family since both my mother and brother can't have soy. They also make a lot of egg and dairy free options so they can serve as many members of the gluten free world as possible.

Soups became the other big theme:

One lady posted this link to recipes of cream of soups. It is not gluten free but we discussed on the board how you can substitute either a flour mix (one person suggested King Arthur's AP flour mix). I personally prefer to use corn starch. I think it taste better and works very well. The only thing is add is slowly so that it doesn't "gel" too quickly on you become too thick (or mix it in a small cup with some cold liquid before adding it to the soup).

Last but certainly not least we talked about Ice Cream Sandwiches! Which is a perfect topic right now as it is summer time and it is getting hot outside!

Glutenfreeda's apparently has ice cream sandwhiches but I have never tried them. Have any of you? Do they taste good?

One lady posted this amazing website that has a recipe for making your own gluten free ice cream sandwiches! I will have to try making these soon... and then I will post here how it worked out!

I still have a few things made from gluten that I miss but really I have found a whole new way of cooking and foods that I never knew existed before. My wonderful husband and I have delved into more ethnic foods that are naturally gluten free. Mexican food is based more in corn than wheat or Asian food that is based in rice. But that belongs in another whole different post! 

What have you missed being gluten free? What foods have you discovered being gluten free?  

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  1. Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwiches... We have gotten close, but no cigar.