Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Parents Crazy Trip

My parents are saints. Ok... maybe not saints but darn near it! You will agree when you hear what they have been doing for the last 3 weeks. My parents drove 1,321 miles to my brother's house. They kept his 6 children, ages 12 to 2, giving my brother and his wife the chance to take a trip of a life time to Europe! Oh, did I mention my brother was gone for 3 weeks?

My brother's wife is one of 10 children and she is the only girl. Two of her brothers have been ordained priest in Europe. One of them was ordained last week (hence the trip). This was her only real chance to go over see where her brothers live, how they live, and what exactly they are doing in their perspective orders. While they were there they swung over to Rome (since they were that close.... WHY NOT) and spent a week or so touring Rome and having that Honeymoon they never got.

My parents took 6 children to ballet, swimming, the library, and wherever else they could think of. My mother, being the compulsive woman that she is, went ahead and scrubbed the entire house from top to bottom, reorganized cabinets, cleaned out the garage, pulled all the weeds out of the yard, and did all those pesky projects my sister-in-law wanted done but didn't really want to do. My sister-in-law was so impressed she told my mother, "I need you to come visit and reorganize my house every summer!"

My parents are now on their way back home to their quiet house and their own bed. They loved the time they had with their grandchildren but admit being ready to just be home. Although the house won't be quiet for long... more grandchildren hope to visit before the end of the summer! 

As they were headed home they did honor us by stopping by for breakfast. My girls were estactic to see "Grammy and Poppey"! They jumped up and down and ran around! They had books read to them, they were flipped around, danced with, went outside to play, and had a WONDERFUL time! My parents had planned to only stop for a short period of time but wound up staying until almost lunch time. As they left my 3-year-old looked at me and said, "I want to go home with Grammy and Poppy! Please may I go Grammy and Poppy house!"

It was such an exciting event to have them drop by I think nap time is out of the question today! Oh...well.... I hear children yelling instead of sleeping. I think I better go check.

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