Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Parenting Breather

After I wrote Mommy Going Crazy Tom very very sweetly announced he wanted me to take a parenting breather. He kept the girls and sent me away for 30 minutes. I know 30 minutes sounds like nothing but it actually was amazing! With his summer finals coming up this weekend he really didn't have time to do that so I am extremely grateful!

It was incredible to walk to the car with my wallet, keys, phone, and nothing else! No big diaper bag, no kids wailing or trying to squirm away as I buckled them into the car seat, no trying to entertain the kids as I drive... it was just me!

As I drove out of the driveway and waved bye to my little family I had to decide where I wanted to go. I thought, "Ice cream! No, StarBucks! No,...." I finally decided to go to the grocery store and buy those pull-ups I need.

It was amazing to walk through the store without kids! No annoying cart with a car on it. No worrying Zizzy is going to try to turn around a look at Lulu or that Lulu is going to jump out of the car while I am pushing. No dealing with fussy children while I try to make decision about what to buy. No entertaining and explaining I even bought one of those fountain drinks I have walked passed 100 times but never got because it was a) not necessary and b) I couldn't balance it while shopping and making sure my kids don't jump out.

After I finished shopping I headed over to Braums and picked up a little treat for everyone. I came home to very happy kids who had had a great time playing with their father. It was the perfect parenting breather!


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