Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Fairly Tale

Do you ever wake up and feel like you are living a fairy tale? I do! I am amazed every day at how deeply blessed I am. My fairy tale began in college when I met Tom.

We have two different stories on how we met. I transferred colleges at the beginning of the spring semester in 2004. Tom remembers meeting me my first week there when I was lost on my way to meet a friend and her boyfriend so he walked me to the guy's dorm. I don't remember this meeting so clearly he did not make an impression on me.

I remember meeting him right after spring break in the cafeteria. I had made friends with "James" and one day at lunch Tom walked in and sat down with us. James introduced Tom as, "This is my fiance's younger brother and (pointing to the girl sitting next to him) is my fiance's younger brother's girlfriend." I thought it was really funny and strange that he phrased it that way. Tom struck me at the time as an interesting person but I didn't think much of it. We ran in similar circles but rarely saw each-other.

The one conversation we can both clearly remember we where in a mutual friend's room with her boyfriend who was a music major. Tom came in and started showing off some flutes he had made out of PVC pipe. I thought those where ingenious! I had never seen anything like it! The music major started playing with it but wasn't able to make music out of it. So feeling a little foolish and dejected started making fun of Tom's flutes. I knew that I could make that flute play and no one else in the room even knew I had ever played flute. I picked it up and played a quick and playful little Irish jig. I twinkled over the flute at Tom when the music major went red.

After being at my beloved college for an all too short year and half I was forced to leave due to health reasons mid-semester. My mother came and picked me up. After crying a lot, hugging all my friends, and saying goodbye to almost everyone single person on campus I was ready to leave. It was late one evening I was about to walk out of my dorm for the last time when I looked up and saw Tom walk in. I called out to him as I had so many other people, "Goodbye Tom! I am leaving!" He looked shocked, "When?" "Now." I gave him a hug (I don't know why) and walked out. My mother looked at me in the car and said, "Hannah who was that young man at the door?" I responded, "Oh he is a friendly acquaintance. I barely know him." My mother said, "He looked like someone just dumped a bucket of cold water on him. I think he is more than an acquaintance." I blew her off.

To my shock a few days later I received a hand written four page letter from Tom. That sparked an almost 6 month correspondence via snail mail.

His letters were something to behold! His paper was made in France in the oldest paper mill still in existence today. His ink came from England. His fountain pen was the last pen made by an American Indian who was famous for his pens. That pen would normally have cost a few hundred but it was sold to Tom's sister for $50 with the promise that it would be used regularly. His letters were sealed with a wax seal just like what Bohemians would have used 500 years ago (his ancestors). The wax was from Scotland. He covered the front of the envelope with 1 and 2 cent stamps. Each letter was full of his personality, care, love... who wouldn't fall in love with him!

Letters led to phone calls, phone calls lead to meeting up at friend's weddings, meeting up at different weddings lead to him coming to visit me at my parent's house on my sister's birthday.

The brave young man trekked 495 miles to ask me to date him. I was so nervous about him coming! I wondered what my family would think. I wondered what he would think of me after meeting my family. I needn't have worried though my family loved him from the beginning! His first conversation with my father was a philosophical discussion defining the difference between grandeur and beauty. He could discuss everything from gardening to theology with my mother. He even managed to tease my sister non-stop without offending her!

One night during his visit he and I sat up late together talking. He went through a long speech then asked me to date him. I responded, "Let me pray about it." When my mother and sister got up the next morning they asked me in Sign Language (so Tom would not hear us talking) "Well??? Are you dating??" I said, "No... I asked to pray." "ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!"

Tom and I went to mass later that morning and after mass I said, "Tom repeat your question to me."

"What question?" He quipped with a quirky smile.

"Ask me to date you."

"Ms. Holmes will you date me?"

"Yes, Mr. Voboril! I would love to date you!"

He startled me by responding, "Well, I don't want to make it official until I have you father's blessing."

"MY FATHER'S WHAT! Papa will not know what to do with that!"

Tom persisted in asking my father who told him, "I never asked to date Hannah's mother. Heck I didn't even ask to marry her!" (They eloped).

I have to admit as strange and funny as I thought it was that he asked Papa's permission to date me I loved him for it. I have always been slightly old fashioned and it made me happy to find someone who was quirky and old fashioned like me.

Throughout our relationship no matter what stage of the relationship we were/are in he has always taught me what it really means to love and care for others. I couldn't have a better husband or father to my children. I am the most deeply blessed woman on this earth.

I linked this post with Project Marriage.


  1. What a sweet story - love reading everyone's stories! Thank you for linking up to #projectmarriage :)

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