Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Zizzy!

One year ago today at 9:46 pm Zizzy made her grand entrance into the world! What a year it has been!

Yesterday I went through all the photos I have taken over the last year (there where a lot it took me a couple of hours). I have more pictures of the two girls hugging, holding hands, or kissing each-other. As I look back on the last extremely short, all too fast year I am amazed at how blessed I am.

Looking through the pictures, thinking through my life all I have to say is: I LOVE MY LIFE!!! I love my girls!! I love my husband!! and I LOVE ZIZZY!!! Thank you Jesus for such a wonderful blessing!


  1. I want to see more of the pictures you've taken!

    Happy Birthday, Zizzy!

  2. I wanted to post more but my computer would not upload them. I will ask Tom what the problem is later.