Thursday, May 26, 2011

Small Successes

I need to stop and count the small successes of this week. It has been a rough week so it is important to remember it hasn't been without it moments!

1) I cleaned out the huge pile of clothes in my room and did all the laundry in the house! I had let this get WAY out of control so I spend two days washing, sorting, folding, and putting away clothes. I am glad to announce I AM CAUGHT UP!

2) I took up running! I found I really enjoy running! I don't go far or for very long (I don't have any stamina) but I love it! I do it right after the girls have gone to sleep and the dishes are washed!

3) I have stayed caught up on dishes! I don't know why I struggle with this. I hate hand washing dishes and we don't have a dishwasher so it is easy to get behind but this week I stayed on top of it!

I also want to take a moment and count some of my blessing:

1) I have the blessed opportunity to attend daily mass on a regular basis!

2) I have the most wonderful, amazing, loving husband! I could not have asked for a better partner in life!

3) I have the two most adorable girls of all time! They are so affectionate and loving!

4) I own a very beautiful little home! We have a big yard for the girls to run in and have a wonderful garden!

5) I have wonderful in-laws!

6) I have loving family who I talk to on the phone everyday!

7) Out garden is beautiful! It looks like we are going to have a great harvest on our first year!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Beautiful Life

There was a girl who grew up in a wonderful family with 3 siblings and parents who love her. Her name is Kathleen. She was the star of her high school basketball team; she had just finished her first year of college; she had declared a degree in Physical Science; she had won a spot on the college basketball team; and she was working with disabled children. Then the worst happened.

On Thursday May 19 she died in a car accident. Kathleen was known for always smiling and she was very popular. Yesterday at the rosary over 700 people showed up to wish her farewell.

Today is her funeral. Please pray for her family and that her soul may rest in peace.

And on a last note. Since most of you have children: Please hug your children and say I love you!

Betty Crocker Mixes

So I was thinking I have never talked about Betty Crocker mixes on here! I am CONSTANTLY recommending them so I should talk about them here!

Betty Crocker has two cake mixes (white and chocolate), a chocolate chip cookie mix, and a brownie mix. I LOVE the cake mixes! You can't tell the difference between those and gluten cakes! They have a great texture and flavor; they are moist but not crumbly; the flavor is the same as the white cakes I used to make before going gluten free! I use these for birthdays and other special occasions.

The cookie mix is a little crumbly and dry but not bad. I actually prefer the General Mills cookie mix. They have a cookie mix that can make 5 different flavors and is cheaper than Betty Crocker. The General Mills cookie mix is not perfect but it is not too crumbly and it is not dry.

I have never tried the brownie mix. I have a great brownie recipe that I prefer to use. It is actually the first recipe I ever made up for gluten free cooking! It might be the best recipe I have made up! I will post this recipe VERY soon!!

You can find all of these in the aisle with the cake mixes. They are slightly more expensive than normal mixes but anything that is gluten free does.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

To All Parents

Dear Parents,

A friend's day started exactly the same way it always starts but it ended in a parent's worst nightmare. A beautiful, vivacious, spunky teenager tragically died in a car accident. She was only 19.

Please pray for all parents who have lost a child. And please hug your children extra tight and tell them you love them.

God bless,

Hannah V.

Small Successes

Every Thursday Danielle Bean says it is important for moms to celebrate their small successes so she does just that! Here are my small successes for the week:

1) For almost two weeks now I have been sleep training Zizzy. I have successfully used the "Sleep Lady" system. It is AWESOME!!! No crying it out! NO feeling like a terrible mom! There are tears don't get me wrong but you are there with your child every step of the way. You slowly back out of the room over a period of two weeks until your child is comfortable and feels safe sleeping on their own. I am all the way to the door of the room. Zizzy only woke up ONCE last night!!!

2) Last week I threw a great party for Zizzy! I can't believe she is one! Tom and I made several different kinds of snack foods. I made cup cakes. We had ice cream but I forgot to serve it. I printed about 50 pictures of Zizzy and we had them hanging across the living room for everyone to see how much she has changed in one year!

3) I took Zizzy to her one year check up! She got her shots (I hate those). She is 16.9 pounds and 27 inches tall! She is still in the 25% in height and weight. She has been since birth. While there I had Lucy's allergies checked and made sure she doesn't have another budding ear infection (she doesn't). All in all it was a very productive appointment!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wonderful Moments

I have been terrible about blogging recently. I have been bogged down with Lucy's allergies turned double ear infection, Zizzy's teething and one-year-shots, not to mention I am also sleep training Zizzy which means no sleep for mommy! But I wanted to take a moment and capture some of the best moments:

One evening Tom was sitting in the living room playing with the two girls when he said,"Zizzy, do you have a poopy diaper?" Lulu immediately jumped up and ran over to Zizzy. Smelled her and looked in her diaper! Tom looked at me and said, "Did she just check Zizzy's diaper." "Yup. mm hmmm! That is what just happen!"

One night right after putting the girls to sleep I ran upstairs to check something on the computer. When I came down stairs Lulu was sitting on the edge of her bed, the curtains where pulled wide open and she was starring outside. Zizzy was standing in her bed and looking out the window. I said, "Lulu!" Zizzy looked at me with a look of horror that said, "OH NO WE HAVE BEEN CAUGHT!" She face planted into her bed and layed still until I left.

When Lulu tries to escape me at mass she now stops on her way out of the pew to genuflect and make the sign of the cross! (or at least her version of the sign of the cross)

Zizzy has taken to immitating everything Lulu does. If Lulu points at a plane in the sky Zizzy points to the sky. If Lulu dances then Zizzy bounces up and down. If Lulu is eating Hot Dogs for lunch then there better be a Hot Dog on Zizzy's plate!

Zizzy is not interested in pacifiers or stuffed animals.... that is unless Lulu has them THEN she wants to steal them!

Lulu has decided she loves to dance to my singing! My voice is starting to give out. So when she looked at me for the 5 thousandth time and said, "I dance! Sing peas!" I responded, "YOU sing!!" So she ran around the yard yelling on the top of her voice "ANCE ANCE AAA BAA!!" And dancing to the best of her ability!! I could barely control my laughter.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Caramel Corn Chex Mix

I found a version of this on the Betty Crocker web-page. I love this stuff! Last time I made it I burned it so I was going to throw it away but my sister-in-law insisted I leave it out. It was still eaten! This is ALWAYS a party favorite!

4 1/2 cups corn chex

4 cups popcorn

1/2 cup honey roasted nuts (optional)

Mix those together then melt together:

1/4 cup butter or margerine

1/3 cup packed brown sugar

2 tbsp light corn syrup

1/4 tsp vanilla

Pour syrup over Chex mixture stir to coat. Put in a roasting pan and bake at 350 for about 10 minutes. Stir frequently.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Zizzy!

One year ago today at 9:46 pm Zizzy made her grand entrance into the world! What a year it has been!

Yesterday I went through all the photos I have taken over the last year (there where a lot it took me a couple of hours). I have more pictures of the two girls hugging, holding hands, or kissing each-other. As I look back on the last extremely short, all too fast year I am amazed at how blessed I am.

Looking through the pictures, thinking through my life all I have to say is: I LOVE MY LIFE!!! I love my girls!! I love my husband!! and I LOVE ZIZZY!!! Thank you Jesus for such a wonderful blessing!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blog Vacation

Once I finally got my internet working, my computer working, and my website working after everything fell apart back in December I was eager to start blogging again! I jumped right in! I wrote 7 blogs a week, I started drawing new designs for my blog, working on upping my readership, and so on. Life quickly caught up with me.

Zizzy stopped sleeping at night. She got up every 2 hours for almost 2 months. Lulu's allergies got completely out of control. Between long sleepless nights and obsessive house cleaning to get down the allergies I found that everything in life was becoming a chore. My days looked something like this: Wake up at 6:30 Feed kids, do laundry, wash dishes, pick-up, put kids down for nap, fold laundry, put away laundry, take kids out to play, fix lunch, take a short break, vacuum, cook dinner, eat dinner, wash dishes, .... you get the idea.

One evening I was rubbing my exhausted head thinking, "What am I going to blog about today?" Then it occurred to me this was just another chore. My outlet, my hobby became my chore. It had lost its joy. I don't think I decided to take a break from blogging I just did. I shut my computer and took almost two weeks off.

In those two weeks I have almost completely sleep trained Zizzy! (more on that later). I have relaxed about the house cleaning, and I have gotten more than two hours of sleep at a time. Now I am ready to hit the blog world again!!

Have you ever had to take a break from blogging? Or found an outlet/hobby became a chore?

Monday, May 9, 2011


A mommy is:

That person who stays up with you all night when you have fever four nights in a row.

She dances, plays, and reads books.

She is the disciplinarian.

She is the nurse, advocate, confidante, and chauffeur.

She is your personal chef, coach, and teacher.

She will always love and care for you no matter what!

Being a mommy means no matter how exhausted you might be you get up to take care of your little one without complaining because you know they need you.

It means being completely overwhelmed with the two you have one minute and thinking they are so cute you want another the next minute.

It means you are thanked for all of you sacrifices, all your frustration melts away every-time your little one smiles at you.