Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sleepless Season

Most people think at the end of winter, "Oh Good! Winter is FINALLY over!! Spring is here!" I think, "Oh NO!! Winter is over! Spring is HERE!" Spring in my house means allergies. Tom, Lulu, and even Zizzy gets sick.

Tom gets stuffy, headaches, sore throats, and every Spring he gets either bronchitis or pneumonia (this year he got pneumonia and it lasted a month).  Lulu and Zizzy have a runny nose and a horrible cough that keeps them up all night. Mid-week last week Zizzy came down with a horrible runny nose that kept from being able to breath well much less sleep. I was up all night with her three nights in a row. By Sunday I was so out of it I went to the party for my nephew's 1st communion and I could not tell you a single conversation I had.

That night Zizzy was finally comfortable enough to sleep. But Lulu had spent a long time out doors and was coughing out of control all night and couldn't sleep. At 5:30 am I finally got her cough under control but she had been up so long she couldn't get back to sleep and therefore was asking to potty over and over and over even though she didn't have to go. I suddenly cracked.

I started saying, "I can't do this! I can't do this! I can't do this! I NEED SLEEP!!! I CAN'T DO THIS!" I picked her up under the arm pits like she had something stinky in her diaper and ran to her bedroom threw her in bed tossed the blankets over her and hoped they didn't cover her head. Then I flew to my bedroom. I jumped in bed and told a sleeping Tom, "I just cracked. I need sleep!"

Lulu got up 30 minutes later coughing again. I gave her some Children's Allergy Relief medicine, sat her up in the rocker recliner, and turned on a movie so softly you could barely hear it. Then I grabbed a blanket and pillow, curled up on the couch and went to sleep.

When I got up I was a woman on a mission, a mama on the war path, I was not going to take any hostages,


First I washed everything in the girls room; I put the air purifier in their room; I turned on the cool mist humidifier; I vacuumed and dusted. Then I did the most horrible thing of all. I looked at the perfect weather outside, the cute little girl next door looking to play, and told Lulu, "You are not going outside!" I kept both girls indoor all day.

It worked! Last night Lulu slept all night (she did cough some but her father got up and took care of it and it was not so bad that she couldn't sleep). Zizzy slept MUCH better! Not as well as I would like but she only got up three times!

So what am I doing now that I have had sleep? I have cleaned house, danced with Lulu, went for a walk with my sister-in-law and her kids at the mall, and did my grocery shopping. Maybe I will let Lulu outside briefly then bathe her right away.


  1. [...] I have gotten the girls allergies under control. It took locking them in doors for two days, washing everything, vacuuming daily, and [...]

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