Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cute Moments

I have to share/brag about my girls! Here are some of the highlights of their most adorable moments:

3/2/2011 I was bathing Lucy and I stepped out for less than 30 seconds to grab her toothbrush. When I came back her pull-up was floating in the tub. I was getting on to her for it when I saw Lizzy stand up grab a her diaper off the pail, crawl to the tub, and start to dump it in.

3/2/2011  Lucy got into my eggs and neatly cracked them into my egg carton. Then she threw the egg shells away.

3/2/2011 Last night Lucy woke up and cried for me. I went she had her pacifier and blanket. Everything was fine so I asked, "Hey Kiddo! What do you want?" she sat up & said, "A hug!"

3/2/2011 Lucy put on her coat, brought me her shoes, pointed to my keys and said, "car keys! I want to go!"

3/2/2011 Lucy has been taking herself potty all morning! It is amazing and hilarious to watch the positions she contorts into as she learns how to pull down her panties!

3/1/2011  Lucy is starting to understand the concept of bladder control. Last night she figured out that sometimes she can make herself go even she doesn't really need to and when she does that she receives MORE chocolate! Let's just say her bladder was very empty when she went to bed.

3/1/2011 Now that Lucy has seen "Ice Princess" she dances around the living room, jumps into the air and falls down. Then she gets up, dances, bows, then claps. Like the skating routine!

3/1/2011 Lucy has taken to running up to people and demanding "Hug!" or "Need Hug!" and sometimes "Big Hug!"

3/1/2011 Zizzy has suddenly decided she LOVES the baby carrier. Something she had previously hated. She likes to kick &bobble her head while riding but her favorite thing is when I rub her feet or legs. She cackles and giggles when I do that!

3/1/2011 Lucy now loves to play "Peek-a-boo" with Lizzy. They both laugh uprously and can entertain each other for a full 15 minutes.

3/1/2011 Lucy called her Godfather at work. I had no idea! They talked for 4 minutes until he had to get off because his co-workers in the other cubicles were laughing.

3/1/2011 Lucy and Zizzy are crawling around on the floor talking and giggling! It cracks me up!

3/1/2011  Lucy put MoMo (her favorite stuffed bear) in the high chair and said, "food food" she then in search of something for MoMo to eat.

3/1/2011 Lizzy was throwing a fit about going to sleep. I heard Lucy make some noise then Lizzy stop crying. I looked in the room. Lucy had climbed up on the bed she standing on one side of the railing Lizzy on the other. They were leaning their heads together and talking.


  1. It's awesome that you've recorded this for your daughter. How she'll enjoy reading about her accomplishments when she's bigger!

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate it!

  3. Learning a ton from these neat atirlces.

  4. Wow, that's a really celver way of thinking about it!

  5. Cool! That's a celevr way of looking at it!

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