Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cute Moments

I have to share/brag about my girls! Here are some of the highlights of their most adorable moments:

3/2/2011 I was bathing Lucy and I stepped out for less than 30 seconds to grab her toothbrush. When I came back her pull-up was floating in the tub. I was getting on to her for it when I saw Lizzy stand up grab a her diaper off the pail, crawl to the tub, and start to dump it in.

3/2/2011  Lucy got into my eggs and neatly cracked them into my egg carton. Then she threw the egg shells away.

3/2/2011 Last night Lucy woke up and cried for me. I went she had her pacifier and blanket. Everything was fine so I asked, "Hey Kiddo! What do you want?" she sat up & said, "A hug!"

3/2/2011 Lucy put on her coat, brought me her shoes, pointed to my keys and said, "car keys! I want to go!"

3/2/2011 Lucy has been taking herself potty all morning! It is amazing and hilarious to watch the positions she contorts into as she learns how to pull down her panties!

3/1/2011  Lucy is starting to understand the concept of bladder control. Last night she figured out that sometimes she can make herself go even she doesn't really need to and when she does that she receives MORE chocolate! Let's just say her bladder was very empty when she went to bed.

3/1/2011 Now that Lucy has seen "Ice Princess" she dances around the living room, jumps into the air and falls down. Then she gets up, dances, bows, then claps. Like the skating routine!

3/1/2011 Lucy has taken to running up to people and demanding "Hug!" or "Need Hug!" and sometimes "Big Hug!"

3/1/2011 Zizzy has suddenly decided she LOVES the baby carrier. Something she had previously hated. She likes to kick &bobble her head while riding but her favorite thing is when I rub her feet or legs. She cackles and giggles when I do that!

3/1/2011 Lucy now loves to play "Peek-a-boo" with Lizzy. They both laugh uprously and can entertain each other for a full 15 minutes.

3/1/2011 Lucy called her Godfather at work. I had no idea! They talked for 4 minutes until he had to get off because his co-workers in the other cubicles were laughing.

3/1/2011 Lucy and Zizzy are crawling around on the floor talking and giggling! It cracks me up!

3/1/2011  Lucy put MoMo (her favorite stuffed bear) in the high chair and said, "food food" she then in search of something for MoMo to eat.

3/1/2011 Lizzy was throwing a fit about going to sleep. I heard Lucy make some noise then Lizzy stop crying. I looked in the room. Lucy had climbed up on the bed she standing on one side of the railing Lizzy on the other. They were leaning their heads together and talking.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I realized the other day that I had originally planned on this blog to explore both motherhood and being gluten free. I have found ample writing material in motherhood and have forgotten or abandonned the gluten free side of the blog. I plan to change that. I am going to start by reviewing some of the different gluten free products.

One of the things that I greatly miss after going gluten free is Graham Crackers. I love the taste, texture, making S'mores... I thought there was not a substitute that was gluten free. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Kinnikinnick Foods company has a "Graham Style Cracker" called S'moreables. These crackers taste very much like the original graham cracker. It is not too crumbly, it is much denser than graham crackers.

I was pleasantly surprised by how similar it is! I no longer miss Graham crackers! My one complaint is the price. It cost $3.69 for an 8oz box of them. They are the type of snack that if I had a child who has gluten free I would pay the price to have them around. I do plan on buying a box or two next time we go camping so I can partake in making S'mores!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Potty Training

I have dreaded and dreaded potty training. I watched as all my friends who have children the same age start potty training. I didn't. I worried about it and talked about it and worried about it and talked about it. Long after several of Lulu's friends where potty trained she was still in a diaper and I was still worrying about it. Lulu and I even discussed how big girls go in the potty like her cousins but that is as far into potty training as I ventured.

One morning Lulu came in said,"Potty! Potty!" I was really confused so she went and got out the bright pink potty her Grammy had given her. Finally I understood. I took off her diaper and let her try to go potty, nothing happened but I congratulated her on trying. Lulu repeated this performance a couple of more times so I decided to pull out the Tinkerbell panties I had been saving for her. Her eyes lit up at the panties and she simply refused to go back into diapers!

The first two days she rarely made it to the potty but she was trying so hard. I had some M&Ms in the pantry that I happily gave her in relief when she finally made it to the potty. That solidified it in Lulu's mind that she was GOING to potty train. This determined little girl, I am happy to say, two weeks later now goes potty with very few accidents! I keep a big bowl full M&Ms in my kitchen at all times.

Now she just needs to figure out how to make it to the potty when she has to poop then my (... ok her) job will be complete!

Have you ever heard before of a 2-year-old who decided to potty train themselves? How did you potty train or are potty training your child?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Small Successes: WAY TO GO!

"It is important for moms to recognize that small successes in a day can add up to one big triumph" Daniel Bean from Faith&Family says that and so each Thursday on her blog there is a link up to celebrate each of our small successes.

1) I AM BACK ON THE INTERNET!! After massive confusion with our internet provider and my 2-year-old crashing my computer I was absent for more than two months. I am happy to announce that I am back!

2) This is Spring Break week for my husband and we have truly spent it as a family. We have done something each day that makes it feel like a true vacation at the same time doing productive things along. It has been a wonderful week.

3) I have read a novel. I know that sounds odd but I had stopped reading for a long time. I found it difficult to balance family life, personal pleasure reading time, and chores. Last week I read Mansfield Park and this week I am reading Sense and Sensibility both by Jane Austen.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Back!

Last December after we moved to our new house we switched internet providers and discovered that not all internet providers support you having your own web-page without an additional monthly fee. Needless to say we switched back. The switch was just in time for my 2-year-old to crash my computer.

I am happy to announce that I am now back and fully intend to catch you up on the wild crazy life of a stay-at-home mom with a two-year-old and a 10-month-old!