Monday, December 13, 2010

Our House!

On Friday we signed the papers, put the down payment down, and now we own a house (and a mortgage)! After signing the papers we went straight to the house and entered our new home. The feelings of joy and excitement are indescribable!

In our excitement to start making it "ours" we ripped out the carpet.  In the first bedroom the wood floor underneath are amazingly beautiful! It just needs buffed! The second bedroom same story! We where dancing for joy! Then we pulled out the living room....

In the living room someone painted the bottom of the carpet with glue, went crazy with a staple gun, then nailed it to the floor. The wood floor is destroyed. The glue has turned into a black tar that will not come up. First we tried scrubbing it off. That got some off but it did not do anything to the worst of it. Then we called a floor specialist who told us to use paint thinner. The paint thinner added an awful odor to the house but did not do help any more than just scrubbing did. Then we tried sanding it off. The tar is so thick it destroyed the sandpaper. I have now heard there is a way to get it off. first you spray adhesive remover on one square foot, let it soak for a  few minutes, then you scrape it off. After you have done this to the entire room you sand it and re-polish it. joy!

You can imagine how upset we where. After deliberating and discussing it we decided to buy a new carpet. We are getting a hypo-allergenic carpet that does not require the pad. Tom and a friend are going to put it down with double sided sticky tape (a floor specialist told us that works). We are simply going to cover up the problem, move in, and deal with it when it is not 8 to 22 degrees outside (that is yesterdays low and high).

The best part of owning the house so far has been watching Lucy. She has been so excited to have space to run! She has run and run and run and run... you get the picture. Yesterday she was so tired when I put her to bed she was asleep before I finished singing to her and she slept in this morning!

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