Friday, December 17, 2010

Moving Day

Tomorrow is moving day! I am working hard on finishing the packing!! I spent all week dusting the house (I have never seen a house so dusty. I literally had to scrub from ceiling to floor.) So far I have the kitchen and living room PACKED! That leaves finishing the bedroom, office, and bathroom. I will get there before you know it!

Starting tomorrow I will live in a house that is on the ground floor (NO MORE STAIRS!), it will be bug free, and it will have it's own washer and dryer! I could not ask for much more in a home!

Oh this house also has a huge yard, four bedrooms, a great living room, and a garage with attached workroom! Life does not get much better than that! I just have to survive the move!

Now back to packing! Pray for me and my family please!

1 comment:

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