Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You Know Your Tired When...

Recently I have been exhausted and so I have decided to revisit some of my funnier mom moments induced by sleeplessness. These are in no particular order and some of them are really old.

8) You put a size 4 diaper on my 5-month-old and didn't notice.

8) You chew out your husband for sleeping longer than you.

8) You daughter dumps a whole bag of chips in the living room and you don't care as long as she is not bothering you.

8) You put one daughter on the floor to play while you rock the other to sleep. Only you rock yourself to sleep instead and wake up to the older daughter hugging the younger one in your lap.

8) You put your vitamins in the refrigerator then can't find them the next day.

8) A stranger in the grocery store walks up and ask what your daughter's name is and you suddenly can't remember.

8) You call the doctor's office to schedule a well-visit then suddenly don't remember which child you where calling for.

I am sure there are more funny moments but I am too tired to remember them. What funny moments have you had induced by sleeplessness?

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