Monday, November 1, 2010

Mother-In-Law of the Year Award Goes Too...

My mother-in-law (MIL) is one of the most amazing people! She is a certified nurse who is on call for all of her grandchildren 24/7/. She is willing to babysit any time I feel I need it. She cooks dinner for the entire family once a week. She is perfectly willing to assist in anyway: at the doctor's office, babysitting, doing laundry, the list goes on and on.

What always amazes me is her perfect willingness to do my laundry! Lets be clear: I have never requested she do my laundry. I live on the third floor of an apartment complex with no washer and dryer. After Eliza was born my MIL said that her baby gift would be to do the laundry for the first six weeks after the baby came. Well Eliza is now 5 months old and she stills does my laundry on occasion.

Let me begin at the beginning. You see after Eliza was 6 weeks old I started taking my laundry to a laundry mat. This proved to be difficult but not impossible. Somehow my MIL had a sixth sense of when I was feeling completely overwhelmed with the laundry and she would call me and ask, "Can I come pick up your laundry and wash it for you?" What a question!

Well one Sunday my MIL and one of my sister-in-laws (SIL) approached me and said, "We don't think you need to be going to a laundry mat." They explained that they where nervous about Lulu playing on the little play ground and getting sick with flu season approaching. It also didn't make sense to them that I should spend all that money on my laundry. They proposed that once a week I go to my SIL and do laundry while Lulu plays with her children and once a week I take it to my MIL's house. Now the original plan was that I would do it at my MIL's house but that is not how it has worked out. If I look a little tired or if Lulu seems slightly out-of-sorts then she sends us home (which happens most weeks) and finishes the laundry, folds it, and returns it to me. Talk about the most amazing laundry service!

I wish there was a way to properly thank her for all of her help! I don't know how to let her know how much I greatly appreciate everything she does for my family.


  1. Love the tribute to your MIL. Sometimes, they can get just a little left out. It sounds like yours is amazing!

  2. Hannah, I am calling by to thankyou for leaving a comment on 'News From Italy' it is very much appreciated. I have now responded and hope that you will visit again.

    Your in laws sound as though they are all very fond of you and your family, wow your daughters are close in age. They obviously appreciate all the work this causes and are happy to help. Love in return I am sure is all they ask :)

  3. She does sound like a wonderful MIL. So awesome to have that support.

  4. Send her a card. She sends out cards randomly, sometimes, and I always save them. I bet she would love to get one in the mail too.