Wednesday, November 3, 2010


As you know, we have been living in an apartment with three flights of stairs, bugs, and no laundry facilities. We have been looking for a house for over a year. We really really want to buy a house! A few months ago we found a house that we thought was "THE" house. We put a bid on it the same day the owners decided to take it off the market. Both Tom and I went into a depression so we stopped looking very hard.

In the last few weeks I got the itch to look again but Tom was not ready. Well... last Sunday I was bored and felt drawn to my computer. I got on and start looking through the houses in our price range. "THE" house popped up! It is 1,475 square feet, 4 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 car garage with a work room attached, HUGE back yard, and great neighbors.

I became very excited! Tom agreed to go look at it. He became very serious about it and started the loan process. I decided to drive over and look at the outside of it. It looked like no one was home. I drove into the driveway and started looking around the front porch. There was a welcoming mat with my home state football team on it! I looked at it and thought, "I am home." At that moment a little old lady walked out and said,"May I help you?" Needless to say I was very embarrassed.

We finally got to look at the inside of the house. There are a few things that will need fixed or updated but for the price it is an amazing house! This house is much nicer than anything we anticipated buying. The couple who currently own it are from my home state! They have lived there for the last 40 years. This 80-year-old house has only had two owners. It has been well kept and looked after.

It didn't take us long to put in an offer. The couple countered our offer. We countered their counter. They countered our counter. In our minds the house became smaller the problems became bigger. We looked at our bank account that would completely disappear if we bought this house. I started panicking. I insisted of looking at it again before we signed. Seeing the house again was like a breath of fresh air. I thought, "Ok we could do this. But I really really want to be completely sold. Lord please sell me on this if this is Your will!" At that moment the neighbors pulled up.

They are a nice couple around our age with a daughter who is only 4 days older than Lulu. They told us all about the neighborhood and the park near by. The wife told me that she had been praying that someone with kids would move in next door. Then she looked at Lulu and said, "You can come make sugar cookies anytime you want!" To me she said,"Knock on my door if you every need or want anything." I thought, "Ok. We are buying."

Tom's moment of "this is the house" was when he was talking to the couple who currently own it. They told him that the AC is only 2 months old. They also said, "We where hoping you would buy this house the first time you came to look at it!"

We signed the contract! Now we have a months worth of paper work and packing to do. The closing date will be around Dec. 10.


  1. So excited for you! Congratulations :)

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