Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Utter Fail Night

Last night was one of those nights where everything that can go wrong did. We borrowed a pasta maker from my sister-in-law to see how homemaking gluten free pasta would work. I thought, "Lets not do it tonight. No one slept well the night before, we are all tired, and if we wait a day then I can be lazy and clean the kitchen for such an event tomorrow."  I underestimated how excited Tom was for the experiment. Despite my objections he showed up from work early with a bottle of wine VERY excited to make pasta.

Fail. I should have cleaned the kitchen.

Lulu is always excited to have her father around AND she is always excited to watch cooking. She could not understand why we where getting upset when she attacked the very precious spaghetti noodles. She just wanted to watch and help her daddy! I tried to entertain her and keep her occupied but was unable to do so.

Therefore I decided to take the girls to the park. I got them both ready, got the huge stroller down the stairs, and started walking. Then I realized it was a lot colder than I expected. I had Eliza in short sleeves and did not bring a blanket. Lulu's cough got a lot worse from being outside.

Fail. Again.

Once Eliza started to turn blue and Lulu started coughing uncontrollably I brought them home. That didn't take long. I wrestled the girls back up stairs just in time to hear Tom let out a strangled cry, cover his face, and run out of the kitchen. Curious I went over to the sink to discover that he had not been able to find the calender and had attempted to drain the noodles but accidentally dumped two hours worth of work down the drain. Literally. This is man who never loses his cool.

Super duper utter FAIL! If I had emptied the dishwasher he would have been able to find the calendar then the whole problem could have been avoided.

We loaded the girls up and went out to eat. After we got home I put the girls to bed then spent my night cleaning the kitchen instead of sipping hot chocolate and enjoying my husband.

With every failure there is a lesson learned. Here is what I learned:

1) Never abandon your cleaning routine. It will come back to haunt you.

2) Don't do big cooking experiments when everyone is exhausted.

3) Always check the tempture before going outside.

4) Keep a positive attitude. I spent today undoing the damage of yesterday. I took Lulu to the doctor and got a prescription to help with her cough. I cleaned the whole apartment. I remade all the pasta and made a lasagna. I also made a pound cake (Tom's favorite) to make up for the previous evening.

Today was a success day!! But that is another post.

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  1. I got my husband a remote weather station so he could check the temp before his morning run. It's a great tool for the whole family, even has a little guy that shows you what kind of clothes to wear. He goes from bathing suit all the way up to scarf, hat and gloves. It's cute, fun and useful!

    I can't imagine sending all those noodles down the drain! Glad it got better for you the next day!