Friday, October 15, 2010

Super Heroes

I almost never (actual I can't think of when I have ever) stopped and thought about super heroes. Who are your super heroes? What makes them a "super hero"? This past week I discovered a show entitled "No Ordinary Family" it is about a family who are suddenly gifted (is that the right term?) with super powers. I, on the other hand, this week have felt like I was either losing it or the greatest survivor ever.

After watching the show while holding a screaming child, wiping my other child's nose, and attempting to massage my sore shoulder I decided mothers are my super heroes. The women who stay home with their children, build homes, teach love, clean house, know all the ends and outs of their children, stay up all night with a sick child, do tons and tons of laundry, run errands, attend every single activity and event their child is in, teach the faith, teach how to pray, reads the same book over and over and over, this list could go on forever. These women display a kind of strength and love not celebrated enough in our society.

These women do not merely keep house. They keep a home. A home is the place where you learn what it means to love, what family is, you learn what it is to be comforted/you feel safe, you learn what good food taste like.

Mothers put everyone's needs above their own. Often opting to buy their children clothes instead of updating their own wardrobe. Comforting a sick child all night instead of nursing their own cold. Buying their child that toy they have been wanting instead of getting that item they have needed/desperately wanted.

Yes. These women are heroes. I hope to be worthy of being counted among them.

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