Thursday, October 14, 2010

Small Successes

Each small success adds up to one big triumph. So with the Fath&Family lets celebrate our small accomplishments!

1) I Survived! On Monday morning I woke up with stuffy sinuses and my right shoulder and neck in severe pain. On top of that both girls also had stuffy noses. Fall allergies where making its first ugly showing in a big way. On Tuesday I took both girls to get their immunizations. By that night they had developed coughs and my stuffy sinuses where almost beyond enduring I realized that it was not allergies but head colds! I did not get any sleep that night until after 2 am as I took care of my two very uncomfortable girls. On Wednesday we survived. The three of us all slept off and on all day on our big blue recliner. We read lots of books and watched several movies. To make matters harder this week there have been emergencies/problems at Tom's work so he had to work late all week. I survived!

2) Despite illness I have kept the apartment mostly clean and put dinner on the table almost every night! My kitchen is not as clean as I would like it and my bed is not made but overall I have kept it fairly clean. The only night I did not cook was Monday. Other than that I have still put dinner on the table.

3) I won an award for my blog! Kate gave me my very first award for my blog!! She is the best!


  1. Good job hanging in there, Hannah! And, getting dinner on the table every night,especially when all are ill, is a HUGE accomplishment! Hope all are feeling much better. Congrats on the award! :)

  2. GREAT successes. Especially the surviving part. Those Fall allergies are stinkers (I've been fighting them this week as well) and colds are just plain no. fun. Way to keep a positive attitude. Sometimes that helps more than anything. God bless.