Thursday, October 7, 2010

Small Successes

At Faith&Family it is their believe that "It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that." I must admit that this week I don't feel very successful so I am going to have to stretch a little to come up with some "successes."

1) I have kept my apartment picked up. I have figured out a system to cleaning that keeps everything picked up with only 15 minutes of work a day. I do 5 minutes in the morning then I set a timer at night for 10 minutes and I can clean the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom in that time.

2) I am going to celebrate the feast of the Holy Rosary tonight! I made cookies to make an edible rosary! Now some of the cookies crumbled so I am actually about a decade short but it will look like a rosary that we eat.

3) I accomplished all my errands in one afternoon. I loaded the girls up and went to the bank, Sams, WalMart, the grocery store, and stopped by my in-laws to pick up the laundry I had left there. By the end of the afternoon the girls and I were exhausted but it felt good to know that I did not have to worry about errands for the rest of the week.


  1. By the way...YAY! on your successes and WOW! on that edible rosary!

  2. What a great blog!
    Thanks SO MUCH for stopping by A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings.
    However, I do need to let you know that you are NOT helping me UNclutter my bookmarks as now I must save YOUR BLOG in mine until I can add a link to my Favorite Blogs page, HA HA!
    Reading your profile warmed my heart and gave me a morning smile today.
    What a sweet, wonderful family you have been blessed with!
    Lulu and Eliza would make GREAT pals for two of my Littles...who also turn anything they find into some sort of "jewelry"!
    Great cleaning system you mind if I use it in our next newsletter? (You can sign up for a free subscription on the home page of our website)...each month, I like to include a "Handy Tip" for the day...and your idea would be perfect! Let me know if that's ok with you :)

    I look forward to many more visits to your lovely site.

    Peace and JOY in Christ,

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