Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas is Coming

This is my 60th post, I have had 100 comments, and almost 1,000 people visit my site since I started it on July 9, 2010. I find this frankly amazing!

In an earlier posts, Traditions and Traditions Continued, I talked about trying to get Christmas ready early this year. I wanted to bake, buy gifts, and plan decorations BEFORE Advent. That way I could take the stress out of Christmas. Well.... I am getting there sort-of: I have one batch of cookies in the freezer; I have found all my Christmas ornaments; I have my Nativity Scene and Advent wreath found; I bought my Advent candles; and I have two of my gifts bought and most of the other gifts planned.

I need to find a way to speed up the process. Otherwise Advent will get here and I will only be half ready! I think organization is my problem. I have an ever changing list of goodies that I am going to make. My husband has made some request but I have never made the cookies he is talking about so I need to find the recipes. What I keep reminding myself is that by simply having this much done I am ahead. Everything I do now makes me more prepared than I was in years past. Hopefully this week I will be able to do more to make a wonderful Christmas for my family.


  1. I have to balance being prepared with getting totally worn out before the holiday even gets here. I think I did the Halloween stuff too early. Today I took down the scarecrow and it won't even be seen for trick or treat!

    I'm impressed that you have cookies in the freezer already! That would be a great starting place.

  2. Good point Joey! I don't want to wear myself out before the holiday but I do want to enjoy the holiday without the stress of doing everything last minute like I have in the past. Do you think maybe if I set a certain day and time each week that I work on Christmas stuff that would help?