Friday, October 29, 2010

Cuteness Is

Cuteness is...

when Eliza tries to eat her toes!

when Lulu chants the cheers for our favorite football teams!

when Eliza giggles while being tickled!

when Lulu jumps! She get ready and then pops straight up! She gets so excited and proud of herself!

the way Eliza sticks out her tongue and curls it up!

when Lulu tries to help take care of Eliza by "helping" change her diaper or "helping" wipe up spit up!

when Eliza gives big grins to everyone who looks her in the eyes!

when Lulu sees her daddy and giggles/screams/gasp with excitment!

When Eliza lays on the floor with her arms and legs out like she is flying! We call it the "Super Baby" pose.

when Lulu wants to "help" me cook!

when Eliza tries to sit straight up and winds up doing crunches! She does manage to sit up in the bouncy seat!

when Lulu starts dancing!

when Eliza laughs at Lulu!

when Lulu wakes up talking! She will excitedly tell you all about something! She points and makes excited gestures but I have no clue what she is saying!

when Eliza looks adoringly at people! (Especially her father!)

I could go on and on! I love my children!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Utter Fail Night

Last night was one of those nights where everything that can go wrong did. We borrowed a pasta maker from my sister-in-law to see how homemaking gluten free pasta would work. I thought, "Lets not do it tonight. No one slept well the night before, we are all tired, and if we wait a day then I can be lazy and clean the kitchen for such an event tomorrow."  I underestimated how excited Tom was for the experiment. Despite my objections he showed up from work early with a bottle of wine VERY excited to make pasta.

Fail. I should have cleaned the kitchen.

Lulu is always excited to have her father around AND she is always excited to watch cooking. She could not understand why we where getting upset when she attacked the very precious spaghetti noodles. She just wanted to watch and help her daddy! I tried to entertain her and keep her occupied but was unable to do so.

Therefore I decided to take the girls to the park. I got them both ready, got the huge stroller down the stairs, and started walking. Then I realized it was a lot colder than I expected. I had Eliza in short sleeves and did not bring a blanket. Lulu's cough got a lot worse from being outside.

Fail. Again.

Once Eliza started to turn blue and Lulu started coughing uncontrollably I brought them home. That didn't take long. I wrestled the girls back up stairs just in time to hear Tom let out a strangled cry, cover his face, and run out of the kitchen. Curious I went over to the sink to discover that he had not been able to find the calender and had attempted to drain the noodles but accidentally dumped two hours worth of work down the drain. Literally. This is man who never loses his cool.

Super duper utter FAIL! If I had emptied the dishwasher he would have been able to find the calendar then the whole problem could have been avoided.

We loaded the girls up and went out to eat. After we got home I put the girls to bed then spent my night cleaning the kitchen instead of sipping hot chocolate and enjoying my husband.

With every failure there is a lesson learned. Here is what I learned:

1) Never abandon your cleaning routine. It will come back to haunt you.

2) Don't do big cooking experiments when everyone is exhausted.

3) Always check the tempture before going outside.

4) Keep a positive attitude. I spent today undoing the damage of yesterday. I took Lulu to the doctor and got a prescription to help with her cough. I cleaned the whole apartment. I remade all the pasta and made a lasagna. I also made a pound cake (Tom's favorite) to make up for the previous evening.

Today was a success day!! But that is another post.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas is Coming

This is my 60th post, I have had 100 comments, and almost 1,000 people visit my site since I started it on July 9, 2010. I find this frankly amazing!

In an earlier posts, Traditions and Traditions Continued, I talked about trying to get Christmas ready early this year. I wanted to bake, buy gifts, and plan decorations BEFORE Advent. That way I could take the stress out of Christmas. Well.... I am getting there sort-of: I have one batch of cookies in the freezer; I have found all my Christmas ornaments; I have my Nativity Scene and Advent wreath found; I bought my Advent candles; and I have two of my gifts bought and most of the other gifts planned.

I need to find a way to speed up the process. Otherwise Advent will get here and I will only be half ready! I think organization is my problem. I have an ever changing list of goodies that I am going to make. My husband has made some request but I have never made the cookies he is talking about so I need to find the recipes. What I keep reminding myself is that by simply having this much done I am ahead. Everything I do now makes me more prepared than I was in years past. Hopefully this week I will be able to do more to make a wonderful Christmas for my family.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bugs, bugs, and more bugs

Tom and I have struggled with a small infestation of roaches in our apartment. I loath, despise, and abominate roaches! I always have. When I was younger my little brother and I tried to kill one by cutting off it's head. The ugly roach jump and ran at us with no head! I have hated them ever since.

We put out bug traps... no help. We sprayed... no help. We had a professional termite company spray... no help. Then one night I was in the kitchen and I saw four of them run under the fridge. I complained to Tom and ask him to buy more bug traps for behind the fridge. A few minutes later I walked back into the kitchen only to see an army of roaches flowing out from under the fridge! I hit full panic mode. I grabbed the closest thing to me, my rag in the sink, and started mopping them up while I yelled at Tom, "ROACHES!!! ROACHES!! EVERYWHERE! HELP!!!!"

Once I finished having a panic attack and the roaches stopped running out from under the fridge Tom said, "I wonder...." He pulled the fridge out there where thousands upon thousands of roaches!!!! He took one look at my white knuckles, pale face, and big eyes and said,"Take Eliza and go!" I took a very hot shower while Eliza played in her bouncy seat. Tom sprayed all the bugs, vacuumed them up, disinfected the area, and pushed the fridge back in place. Tom is my hero!

I still put new bug traps behind the fridge and under the stove as well as keep bug spray in the kitchen. Tom hates bug spray because he says it goes everywhere. I love it because I don't have to touch the bugs to kill them. I keep disinfectant wipes in the kitchen for when I do spray a bug.

The bugs are not 100% gone but I only see about one a day now. I don't think I will be satisfied until they are all gone but I am greatly relieved that they are slowly going away!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Winter is by far my favorite season. I love everything about winter! I love bundling up to go outside in big coats and sweaters, getting all cold and coming in to warm sweets or hot chocolate. I love watching the snow fall silently and beautifully. The world being blanketed in pure white. It is so much fun to have a snow ball fight, sledding, or making angles in the snow. I love watching little children discover the snow! I love going outside all bundled up slipping and sliding on the ice getting into the car and blasting the heater in an attempt to warm up.

I love Christmas time. The world takes on an upbeat happy attitude. It is considered the "season of miracles" or the "season of good deeds." It is when everyone goes out of their way to do something nice for someone else. More people volunteer to help out at soup kitchens, or buy gifts for complete strangers. Everyone is walking around with a list dreaming of the perfect gifts for their family and friends.

I love having my own home in the winter. It is the place where I can make the winter magic happen! For my children I have a constant supply of warm treats and free flowing hot chocolate. I have Christmas music constantly on and a party every time it snows.

Call me crazy but I already have my sweaters and coats waiting! I can't wait for winter!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two-Year-Olds Are Not Your Enemies

Dear Little Old Ladies at Church,

My child is not purposefully being disruptive in church. She is not being badly behaved. She has a cough caused by allergies. Please stop giving me the stink eye. My two-year-old is not harming anyone, not yelling, not jumping all over the pew, she is coughing that is not something she or I can control. If you think her cough is disruptive to your prayers then you should try holding her and praying.

I don't know what planet you are from but here on earth two-year-olds can't chew gum. Please don't offer her any! Even if you think it might help her cough. She doesn't know how to chew it. What you have accomplished by offering her some is making her  squirm more because she now thinks someone has offered her candy and her parents have turned it down.

Please remember that even though she is only two she has feelings. She understand most of what people say. So when everyone is shaking hands in mass at the Peace Be With You, please do not, do not, (I repeat) DO NOT turn your back on her and whisper to the person sitting next you, "Don't shake her hand!" She understood you. She felt the full impact of your words. You didn't notice because you turned your back. You didn't see her eyes well with tears or her bury her face in her father's shoulder for the remainder of mass.

It is hard enough for a two-year-old to be well behaved for an hour in mass. Please don't make it harder for her! If you think having to sit in front of a two-year-old is hard try sitting with one.

Thank you and God bless.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Super Heroes

I almost never (actual I can't think of when I have ever) stopped and thought about super heroes. Who are your super heroes? What makes them a "super hero"? This past week I discovered a show entitled "No Ordinary Family" it is about a family who are suddenly gifted (is that the right term?) with super powers. I, on the other hand, this week have felt like I was either losing it or the greatest survivor ever.

After watching the show while holding a screaming child, wiping my other child's nose, and attempting to massage my sore shoulder I decided mothers are my super heroes. The women who stay home with their children, build homes, teach love, clean house, know all the ends and outs of their children, stay up all night with a sick child, do tons and tons of laundry, run errands, attend every single activity and event their child is in, teach the faith, teach how to pray, reads the same book over and over and over, this list could go on forever. These women display a kind of strength and love not celebrated enough in our society.

These women do not merely keep house. They keep a home. A home is the place where you learn what it means to love, what family is, you learn what it is to be comforted/you feel safe, you learn what good food taste like.

Mothers put everyone's needs above their own. Often opting to buy their children clothes instead of updating their own wardrobe. Comforting a sick child all night instead of nursing their own cold. Buying their child that toy they have been wanting instead of getting that item they have needed/desperately wanted.

Yes. These women are heroes. I hope to be worthy of being counted among them.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Small Successes

Each small success adds up to one big triumph. So with the Fath&Family lets celebrate our small accomplishments!

1) I Survived! On Monday morning I woke up with stuffy sinuses and my right shoulder and neck in severe pain. On top of that both girls also had stuffy noses. Fall allergies where making its first ugly showing in a big way. On Tuesday I took both girls to get their immunizations. By that night they had developed coughs and my stuffy sinuses where almost beyond enduring I realized that it was not allergies but head colds! I did not get any sleep that night until after 2 am as I took care of my two very uncomfortable girls. On Wednesday we survived. The three of us all slept off and on all day on our big blue recliner. We read lots of books and watched several movies. To make matters harder this week there have been emergencies/problems at Tom's work so he had to work late all week. I survived!

2) Despite illness I have kept the apartment mostly clean and put dinner on the table almost every night! My kitchen is not as clean as I would like it and my bed is not made but overall I have kept it fairly clean. The only night I did not cook was Monday. Other than that I have still put dinner on the table.

3) I won an award for my blog! Kate gave me my very first award for my blog!! She is the best!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Utterly Adorable

I would like to write down for prosperity sake some of the uber cute things my children do. I thought I might share it with you!

:) Lulu has a big blue stuffed lamb that she has dubbed "Me-me!" You can say, "Go kiss Me-me!" And she will run over to the lamb and give it a big kiss. One day she grabbed a blanket and covered the lamb saying, "It's old! It's Old!" (Meaning "It's cold")

:) In the morning when Lulu hears Tom get up she will run with excitement to the back of the apartment. If he is in the bathroom then she will wait patiently for him to come out then squeel with joy and give him a big bear hug!

:) Sometime when I stand Eliza up Lulu will get extremely excited and start dancing up and down clapping her hands. Then she reaches over and hugs Eliza! After a while Lulu will grab Eliza's hand and try to lead her around the room!

:) Lulu will sometimes grab a burp cloth and pretend to wipe spit up off of Eliza. She will then go around the room wiping up invisible spit up.

:) Eliza has started reaching and grabbing toys! I have been excited about this development but Lulu keeps stealing Eliza's toys....

:) Eliza's first two teeth came in last week! She is chewing on everything! But be-warned: DO NOT LET HER CHEW ON YOUR FINGER! Those teeth are sharp!

:) I started Eliza on rice cereal! The first time I gave it too her she was confused by it and actually started screaming. I was very depressed because I had spent a good while pumping and getting it ready only to have it royally rejected! I will try later when she is not tired and see if things go better.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Small Successes

At Faith&Family it is their believe that "It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that." I must admit that this week I don't feel very successful so I am going to have to stretch a little to come up with some "successes."

1) I have kept my apartment picked up. I have figured out a system to cleaning that keeps everything picked up with only 15 minutes of work a day. I do 5 minutes in the morning then I set a timer at night for 10 minutes and I can clean the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom in that time.

2) I am going to celebrate the feast of the Holy Rosary tonight! I made cookies to make an edible rosary! Now some of the cookies crumbled so I am actually about a decade short but it will look like a rosary that we eat.

3) I accomplished all my errands in one afternoon. I loaded the girls up and went to the bank, Sams, WalMart, the grocery store, and stopped by my in-laws to pick up the laundry I had left there. By the end of the afternoon the girls and I were exhausted but it felt good to know that I did not have to worry about errands for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Air Show

Every Sunday Tom and I go for a drive after the family dinner at my in-laws. The kids normally drift off to sleep and Tom and I chat. It is our "alone time." A few weeks ago things did not go as planned... they where better!

We stopped and got drink as we drove because Lulu just was not interested in sleeping. Then we started noticing something strange. People parking their cars and walking to the edge of a field and staring at nothing. The farther we went the more cars parked and the more people sitting out starting at an empty field. Then there where policemen on motorcycles driving slowly up and down making sure cars parked completely off the road. Filled with curiosity we stopped and I jumped out to ask what in the world was going on.

It was an air show! The air show was supposed to take place on Saturday but was canceled due to rain. To our great surprise there was a parking spot open in a very close parking lot with a nice field to sit in and watch the show! As we sat there people around us where talking about how they arrive at 11 am to secure a good spot (it was 3:30 pm). We where amazed at our good fortune! The show started a mere 15 minutes after our arrival!

Tom had been to several air shows before and therefore knew what to expect. I had never been and was as excited as the little kids waiting! Finally it started. I didn't know air planes could do those things! Lulu loved it! She quickly learned the words "AIR PLANE!" We even had a fly-over and the sound of the air plane plus it being so close made everyone jump. Lulu and Eliza freaked out but I think we all loved it (well not Eliza but she didn't understand what was happening).

The surprise air show made for a perfect Sunday afternoon! Lulu points out every.single.air.plane now. I think we might try to plan to attend the next air show.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Today as I cleaned house I kept cleaning and cleaning but nothing felt cleaner. The living room never looked picked up, the kitchen remained a mess, the dining room mysteriously grew new piles, I felt utterly defeated. Then I realized that I had a little busy bee following me around undoing all my good work to the best of her ability!

If I picked up the living then she got out her bucket of toys and carefully pulled them out one by one and threw them all over the room. If I picked up the dining room then she found a stack of mail and threw the letters one by one. If I cleaned up the kitchen then she got out a thing of animal crackers and threw them on the floor one by one. My little sabatour almost had the best of me one thing at a time!

I called my mother almost in tears and told her everything. My mother laughed. She thought it was really funny! After a minute I realized it was funny and I needed to not take myself so seriously. Then she said, "Lulu is just trying to do what you are doing but she doesn't realize that you are not just moving things around you are actually accomplishing something."

I came a decision that I was going to put an end to the sabotage! I picked up all of her toys and put them out of her reach! Then I proceeded to vaccuum and so on. I did return the toys when I was through cleaning.

I learned two good lessons today through that. 1) Don't take life (especially house cleaning) too seriously. And 2) Involve or distract would-be saboteurs.

Happy feast day St. Therese! My patron saint!!