Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Discoveries

It is amazing to watch young children learn grow and discover new things. They learn when we think they aren't paying attention. But if you stop and think about it in a year they learn how to talk, walk, climb, and express themselves. By the time they turn two their personalities are becoming fully developed (sometimes to the chagrin of their parents).

Lulu has discovered books this week. I have always had books available for her and I have read to her but she has not shown much interest...that is until this week. Now she can't get enough of them! She is constantly bringing me books to read but she does not want them read just once. If she could convince me to read the same book five times in a row she would! I actually did read the same book five times in a row once thinking that she would get tired of it and move on. I quickly discovered that she could sit there and listen to me read the same book over and over and over and over and over ..... until I finally got sick of it. I have to remember to look up a toddler book program at the local library!

Eliza has discovered she has toes! She loves to lay on her back and hold her toes. She gently rocks from her side to her back holding on to her toes like she just made the greatest discovery in the whole wide world!

She is also learning how to sit up! With a little assistance from Mommy or Daddy she can prop up in a sitting position and sit there for a minute before falling over. It is amazing to think that in a month or so she is going to be sitting up by herself and crawling.

I think the most amazing part about watching both Lulu and Eliza discover the world is their zeal for life. Everything is fascinating and awe inspiring. Their sheer joy for life keeps me looking at the world with their eyes and finding a new awe for the simple things.


  1. Hannah,

    library programs:
    now through nov. 29, an asl storytime at Westlink, Mondays at 10:30.
    Toddler time: 10:30 a.m., Tuesdays, Oct. 26-Nov. 30, Westlink.
    Nursery rhyme time: 10:30 a.m., Fridays through Dec. 3, Westlink. All of these are age appropriate for Lucy.


  2. Lboy went to a library program on Mon & Thurs for several months! We had so much fun! It's time for us to go back!

    Lboy is so obsessed with books that I even bought him a bathtime book! lol

  3. I did look up when they are having the library program but I need to start attending.