Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lulu and Eliza

I have to stop and take a moment to write down the cute moments between Lulu and Eliza:

8) When I hold Eliza in a standing position Lulu comes running over very excited! She gives her a quick kiss on the head then she grabs Eliza's hand and holds it for a few moments. Lulu normally becomes distracted at this moment and tries to lead Eliza over to some toys.

8) When Eliza is laying on the living room floor Lulu will lay down next to her and chatter away!

8) When Eliza is in her bouncy seat and starting to fuss then Lulu will sit next to her, kiss her, and show off whatever toy is nearby.

8) Eliza loves to stand in my lap and smile at Lulu! She get the biggest grins while watching Lulu play.

8) Eliza HATES her car seat. She screams and screams! From the back seat I can hear Lulu saying, "Shhhhh! Shhhh! Zizzy sad!"

8) When Lulu realized that Eliza is in her bassinet Lulu will climb onto my bed and reach over into the bassinet to pat Eliza.

8) Lulu loves to run over to Eliza and kiss her! She does it randomly all day.

8) When Eliza starts screaming we will tell Lulu, "Do you hear Eliza? She is sad! Why don't you give her a kiss?" Lulu will promptly run off and give Eliza a big slobbery kiss.


  1. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my page! I love this post! Eliza and Lulu seem so cute! I'll have to do this once William gets a sibling. The praying everyday thing seems like a good idea. I mean, I do pray every day, but it's usually at random times. I need to set aside a quiet time for me when the kiddo is in the bed. I feel like my PPD is ending and I've been so happy lately and I keep forgetting to blog about just how good things are going in my life. I still have stress, but I think it would help to set aside some time to pray. Thanks for the advice and I hope to see more good posts from you in the future!

  2. They are just soooo... cute aren't they... I am glad they get along... what would we do if they didn't!!!