Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Red Truck

This past week I have been all but absent on the internet due to lack of sleep. My two beautiful little angels decided to tag team sleep both during the day and at night! I was so exhausted I only got the minimal amount of stuff I needed to do done.

I did however have some rather great excitement last week! Tom and I have been a one car family. It has been difficult at times but we made it work. Last week was one of those weeks where I desperately wished for a second vehicle. The laundry barely got done, grocery shopping never happen, Tom and I where playing musical cars and we both felt like we where losing the game. Then one day Tom texted me from work "Would you like a free suburban?" "Would I WHAT?"

My sister-in-law and her husband have a friend who was desperate to get rid of their big red suburban. It was a 1996 Chevy suburban. There are a few small problems: the AC doesn't work, if you park on a sharp incline it leaks transmission fuel very slightly, and the gas meter is not reliable when it gets past 1/4 tank. Except for those problems it is in great shape! We talked to a mechanic who told us that the AC is fixable and the transmission might be fixable. Worst case scenario we don't take long road trips in the summer and never park on sharp inclines. Best case scenario both are fixed and we have a great car!

We talked to an insurance agent if we do a few small things like take an online drivers ed course so that we qualify for the "good drivers" discount then it will only cost us $3 a month to insure.

Tom has declared that he finally has his "big red truck" and he is driving to and from work. I have our small Impala that I would rather have anyways and we are both happy! No more juggling cars! No more haggling over who gets the car on what day! No more trying to decide if Tom's errands for his job can be put off  or if my errands are more important i.e. I will not have to count underwear no more trying to decide if I can wait another day or two to go to the laundry mat!

With any luck this big red truck will last us a few years until we can afford a newer car! I have discovered that when I feel like everything is hopeless God provides something to remind me how blessed I truly am!


  1. How awesome is that?! Before too long I hope we'll need a new car as well. Congrats to you guys being able to be a one car family. It's sometimes hard enough being a one income family, I'd rather not try to be a one car family unless it's necessary!

  2. [...] Tom went and put tags on our suburban! This means that we actually have two usable cars! The success for me is that Tom goes to work at [...]

  3. Congrats on the car!

    I need to remember that last line that you wrote right now-I keep forgetting that.

  4. It is something I have to remind myself of constantly.