Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Adventures in Potty Land

A while back I told you I was going to venture into the scary world of potty training. For a while I simply had a potty and talked about what the potty was for. I must admit you lose a certain amount of your dignity when you catch yourself saying multiple times a day, "I am going to go potty. Mommy puts her pee pee in the potty." Lulu found in interesting but was not motivated to really try it.

My mother and my sister insisted the problem was I bought the blue and white potty instead of the pink potty (the blue potty was $9.50 and the pink was $16).  My mother sent money for me to buy Lulu a pink potty and pretty panties. I complied and bought the brightest pinkest potty I could find and Tinkerbell panties! Lulu LOVED the panties! She kept trying to put them on. Finally I relented and took that very scary step in potty training: I took off her diaper and put on panties!

At first everything was going really well. She went in the potty a couple of times but not a whole lot came out. She had kept her panties dry and I knew putting her back in a diaper would be a fight. I decided to swallow my fear and take her to pick Tom up from work. Everything was going fine. I even took her to the potty while there but the big potty scared her so she didn't do anything. Then right before we where going to leave she crawled into one of the empty school lockers and was playing happily. Then she closed the door and got very quiet. I should have known. She went all over the locker! I wanted to sink through the floor right there!

The next day I waited as long as I possibly could before putting the panties back on. Finally I gave in. Again everything was going fine. She even took herself to the potty! She only went a small amount though... again. I was experimenting that night for dinner. I was making Lasagna for the first time in my life! I even made the noodles! Lulu came up behind me and unleashed the mother load right as I was about to open the oven.

I have decided she needs a little more time before she is ready for potty training. I have put the panties away for now. I will pull them out again in a month or two.


  1. It's such a rough process! We think Gianna might have a UTI, so that is a new problem in the training (regression)...that being said:

    A friend suggested a program called 3-day potty training. You can buy it online for $30, but we didn't want to spend the money, so I figured out the basics. First, they say to stay home all day the first day, and hour out the second day (going right before you leave), and a couple after that. Leave them in panties and a t-shirt (some programs say nothing on bottom), and watch them like a hawk. Also, put them on a towel to sit down.

    Reflecting on our experience (which is not perfected yet), she was almost without any accidents by that time. To help, we did use diapers or pull-ups at night and during naps (probably a no-no, but I'm lazy ;). We also bought some of the Gerber Trainers from K-mart with the thicker material. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4400714 Can't find them on kmart's website right now. But they helped tremendously...I do think we bought about 9 pair though, but compared to diapers? not bad. Then there was the reward. Gianna liked jelly beans. My mom said she used to walk around with a zip-lock bag tied to her waist with the reward, so it was a reminder for the children.

    We also had her help clean the messes...proactive in the result of what happened. Also, my mom mentioned panty-liners to help catch some?! They also sell plastic pants to put on over the underwear (sell smaller sizes at Babies-R-Us because the girls' actual sizes are HUGE). Sometimes when we went somewhere, I put a pull-up over her panties so she could still feel the wetness alerting her to go.

    I am so sorry! This process seemed so much quicker and easier when it wasn't US doing the training, wasn't it?! Good luck!

  2. I'm not even looking forward to potty training a boy! Can I give those responsibilities over to Todd since he's the dad?!!!

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