Sunday, August 8, 2010

Swimming with Lulu

At the beginning of the summer Lulu hated the pool. She screamed in pure terror every time we took her to the pool. Everything about the pool scared her: the water, the other kids, splashes, and ripples. Well, one day we were there with no other kids present, she walked around the pool, pointed to it, talked to it, and eventually decided to get in. She loved it so much we could not get her out of the pool! Since then it has been a different story: she LOVES the pool!

One day Tom was swimming with her when another family showed up with floaties. They loaned her one and she loved it so much we could hardly separate her from it. Needless to say we went to WalMart and bought her one. She leans forward in her floaty and kicks propelling herself forward and she even turns!

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