Thursday, August 5, 2010

Small Success

Every Thursday blogging moms join up on Faith & Family website to celebrate three small success they accomplished this week. I thought this was a great positive thing to do! So here are my three small success:

1) I figured out how to get up and down the stairs with a stroller, an infant, and a toddler! This opens up so many possibilities! I can take walks, take the girls to the park, and so on.

2) I took the girls to the park twice this week! Yup, up and down three flights of stairs with both girls and walked to the park three blocks away.

3) I completely cleaned my kitchen! The kitchen looks amazing! I even cleaned out the fridge! I love the look of my kitchen!


  1. Ummmm, you simply rock. ROCK. WOW!! What a list!!! Great job!!!

  2. Fantastic list! #3 made me smile. I LOVE a clean and sparkly kitchen!! LOVE it!!