Thursday, August 19, 2010

Potty Training Begins

For the last week Lulu has come and told me every time she has needed a diaper change. I decided this meant it was time to introduce potty training. Today is day one. I must admit that the very idea of potty training scares me. Everyone has a horror story! "So-and-so's 4-year-old still can't poop in the potty!" "So-and-so's 6-year-old still has problems with going in the potty to the point they had to take him to a doctor!"

My mother told her daughter-in-law several years ago "Don't ask me for potty training tips. I felt like a failure five time." My sister-in-law looked at all of us and thought, "They all look potty trained me!" (We where all in college at the time) Now that my sister-in-law has 6 children she confessed to my mother that she now understands what mama meant!

Knowing what all the other moms have gone through before me I am entering this slowly. Today I introduced her to the potty. I have let her play with it, sit on it (with her diaper on), and she have discussed what it is for. I am letting her make peace with the potty.

Lulu has to make peace with things before she will try them. For example at the beginning of the summer she would not get into the pool. She screamed and cried in terror at the very thought. Then one day we where there along and she walked around it twice talking to it, touching it, and ultimately making peace with it. Now we can't get her out of the pool!

Maybe tomorrow she will sit on the potty without her diaper.

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