Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Bad Mom Day

Today is one of those days when I did not want to get out of bed. I stayed up too late last night waiting for Tom to return home from work. School starts on Wednesday and Tom is (as all teachers are) extremely busy. It is rainy, cloudy, dreary day outside. I have a headache and I simply do not feel like doing anything.

Instead of being a good mother and taking Lulu somewhere today, giving her nutrituos food, cleaning house, and all the other "good mom" things I should be doing. I have allowed Lulu to eat as many chips as she wanted and watch a movie. I have lazed around the house ignoring my chores and responsibilities.

I have spent my time day dreaming about fall, winter, and snow as I wait for cooler weather. I even put on a nice comfy sweater and have been tempted to bake a dessert that smells of cinnamon. I have not baked though because that would mean actually doing something.

Maybe this afternoon tomorrow I will go back to being a good mother and house wife. Ok after Lulu naps I will do something otherwise I will feel guilty about my "bad mom" day.


  1. Hey! I took a week off blogging and am just now getting back into the routine of visiting other people's sites!

    Gosh, if what you did yesterday makes you a bad mom then I must be TERRIBLE today! lol I usually don't go to bed with dishes in my sink and last night I just didn't care. :)

    Hope that Tom has a good day back today!

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