Friday, August 27, 2010

Mother's Helper

Lulu is a very sweet little girl who wants to help me with everything. The unfortunate thing is that she normally causes mayhem instead. I spent half of my week house cleaning and half of my week cleaning up after Lulu's attempts to help. I get extremely frustrated then I stop and remind myself that she wants to clean! This is something I can nourish and use in the future. SO here is how I have decided to look at things:

I find it really cute when she hands me each dish from the dishwasher one-by-one-by-one… turning a five minute job into a 20 minute job.

I appreciate her wanting to help me sort. While I sorted the linen closet she pulled every single baby sheet, blanket, burp clothe, and bib out of the dresser.

I greatly enjoyed her attempts to help me clean while I vacuumed. I vacuumed the den while she tried to pick up the dining room and dumped an entire bag of chips all over the floor.

She couldn’t quiet help me de-clutter but not for lack of trying! While I de-cluttered the book cases she emptied all her and her sister’s clothes out of the dresser.

I was thankful at her wanting to help keep things picked up. When she spotted the shirt I had left out to wear later on in the day she decided to put it away for me..... in the diaper pail.

She successfully pointed out the areas I had over looked in my house cleaning. She tried my patience by trying to be helpful. She ultimately taught me patience and how to take the moment and make it a learning moment for both of us. By doing so she has taught me to be a better housekeeper and mother. I find that I am constantly learning.... and Lulu is often my teacher.

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