Saturday, August 21, 2010

House Keeping and FLYing

As a mother of two very young children in a very small apartment and naturally being a disorganized person house keeping has not been my strong suit. Don't get me wrong! I have never had a home so messy that you stuck to things or weren't able to find a seat but you would never call it clean.

My husband came home one day from a busy/hectic/overwhelming day.  He looked around our less than clean house and stated that he was completely overwhelmed. Something needed to change. I agreed. I felt like I would never be able to wade through the stacks of stuff that I needed to.

I made a resolution: I decided I was going to find a solution! I was going to be a better house keeper! While perusing some blogs one of the ladies mentioned on her blog that she loved the "FLYLady." She stated that her house was much cleaner and house work never overwhelmed her anymore.  Intrigued I Googled it.

That was just over two weeks ago. I no longer have dirty dishes, my bathroom always looks nice, you can walk through my bedroom, my living room always looks like a nice place to sit, I could go on! The FlyLady's concept is if you have a routine then it will get done and everything can be done in 15 minutes.  Her hope is that with her program you will learn to FLY "Finally Love Yourself" by taking care of your home you will be able to take care of  yourself. With my timer and my new routines my house is always a nice place for my husband to come home to. Just ask him! He loves it now! And so do I!


  1. Yo, good looikn out! Gonna make it work now.

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