Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Everyday Challenges

Everyone has a challenge that they have to overcome. Some challenges are real while others might be percieved but it doesn't matter if it is real or perceived. It is still a challenge that has to be overcome. In motherhood these challenges are constant: sleep training, potty training, discipline, creating a rhythm to the day, getting them to eat healthy, starting solid food, the list goes on and on.

The mother challenges that consume my thoughts have been nothing compared to my most daunting challenge: three flights of stairs. I live on the third floor of an apartment complex with no elevator. Suddenly simple task become Herculean challenges! Try getting an infant, a little girl, a diaper bag, and the groceries up the stairs at once. You quickly realize you are much stronger than you thought.

I have discovered that I am a stronger person both mentally and physically than I ever knew.  I have come up with multiple coping strategies and developed the arm strength of a teenage boy lifting weights (ok...maybe that is an exaggeration).  I grocery shop once a week when I get home I carry Eliza in one arm, up to six bags of groceries in the other, and hold Lulu's hand with the arm that has groceries. As I trek up and down with Lulu I have gotten in the habit of counting them by doing so she stays interested and continues to climb. The laundry and garbage is taken up and down the stairs by my loving wonderful husband!

I have wined and complained about the stairs to everyone! It is a great trial! Then I realized one day that I am lucky that is my huge challenge. I don't have a special needs child and am fighting the system to get her what she needs (like my brother and sister-in-law), I am not facing a huge breast tumor right after giving birth (like a friend of mine), my marriage is not on the brink of disaster, my car works, my computer works, we are all healthy, I have a loving family, and an amazing husband. My worst trouble is three measly flights of stairs. I count my blessing every day all 25 steps!

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