Friday, August 20, 2010

Eliza's Grand Entrance

Eliza did not enter the world as calmly as I would have liked. I had expected from my many doctor appointments that the her entrance was going to be simular to Lulu; quick and without incident. I was wrong.

Two weeks before my due date my doctor checked me and said that everything was progressing quickly and I might deliver that week. My doctor sounded so positive that I was going to have a baby I decided to call my mother and ask her to come into town early. A week passed and nothing happen.

I went to my doctor who was surprised that I had not delivered. As she was checking me she said, "Uh oh." Then she asked when my last ultrasound was. I informed her it was during my second trimester.  That from a doctor is almost as bad as "oops!" or "Interesting." She informed me that Eliza was breach and I needed an emergency ultrasound to confirm.

I felt really bad for Tom after I called him. No father-to-be wants to get a call from a hysterical wife who says, "Can you get off work early? I have to go to the hospital something is wrong with the baby!" He met me at home and we headed to the hospital where it was confirmed. The baby's bottom was on my left hip and her head was in my right ribs.

The next morning we went back to the doctor who informed us that we could either schedule a c-section or have an inversion. I opted for inversion. The first chance to get on the hospital schedule was in one week on Monday morning.

On Wednesday afternoon while I was taking nap I felt her kick, push, and rumble around very painfully. I thought it was odd and wondered if she was trying to flip but I pushed it out of my mind and continued with day. That evening I felt her kick again only this time it was in my rib cage. I was scared to get hopeful but I felt sure she had flipped.

Thursday morning I woke up and felt a strange pain in my hips. Similar to the pain I had felt just hours before going into labor with Lulu. I asked Tom to keep his cell phone with him at all times.

My mother and I decided to go to the laundry mat and do my laundry. While we where there I kept noticing odd pains. I was getting jittery and nervous. We returned home and my sister-in-law with her three kids dropped by to visit. While they where here I started having contractions but they where not strong. I started praying it was not labor because I wasn't positive she had flipped yet. I also didn't tell anyone because I was did not want any false alarms.

An two hours later the contractions had not gotten worse but where coming steadily. I called and told Tom what was going on. He came and picked me up to go to the hospital. Once we arrived and checked in the on-call doctor check me and said, "I think the baby is still breach. I will have to perform an emergency c-section." As I hyperventilated he went to get an ultrasound machine to make sure. To his great surprise and my relief the baby had flipped!

As they where about to move me to a labor room I went into full hard labor. Transition hit hard! Three hours of hard labor later and beautiful Eliza joined. 9pounds 6.9 ounces 18.5 inches long.

Hopefully my next labor will go as smoothly without the pre-labor panic attacks.

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