Monday, August 23, 2010

Conquering Mt. Washmore

Things did not go as planned this weekend and as a result my laundry did not get done. I had over a weeks worth of laundry to do; going to the laundry mat was not an option is was a necessity!

Unfortunately, Tom did not have the opportunity to take the laundry down the car before he left for work. This meant I had to it somehow. I had successfully avoided the experience of doing this by myself for a full year. I strapped Eliza into my Bjorn carrier, dragged three full bags of laundry out of the apartment, and made sure Lulu made it out and onto the stairs ok. One bag is a sturdy tie up mesh bag so I simply dumped it on the stairs and let it roll down. The other two I carried while Lulu carefully walked down behind me. I had to count the stairs for her so that she would keep going and not get distracted by the big blue laundry bag rolling in front.   Once down the stairs I carried one bag at a time to the car and loaded it into the truck while Lulu climbed in to her car seat.

Finally we arrived at the laundry mat. I grabbed a rolling cart and loaded everything onto it. I worried about the cart tumping over from the sheer weight of everything. Thankfully the cart, the baby, the toddler, and I all made it into mat. While I pushed, pulled, loaded, unloaded, chased a toddler, and cared for an infant I started to attract the attention of the people around me. They watched me in amazement while I was completely focused on my task at hand and completely oblivious to anyone who was not my child.

One lady walked up to me and said, "How do you do it? I only have one kid and I can barely keep up!" A gentleman approached me and stated, "You deserve a reward!" Everything was going fine I until I hit a snag. When Eliza gets tired she either needs to eat to go to sleep or she cries for several minutes before falling asleep. I was on a deadline and HAD to finish quickly so letting her cry in the carrier while I bounced, shushed, talked, and folded was the only option. At this point a young man approached me and said, "Hi! My name is Brandon. I am from a big family. I would love to help you! Please let me do something." I muttered something about being fine just a little rushed and thanked him for his kind offer. To my surprise he stayed close by and watched as I pulled clothes from the drier, folded, chased a toddler, bounced, shushed, and attempted to care for my infant.

Finally Eliza fell asleep. I finished folding and carefully put everything back into my laundry bags and loaded them back onto my tired cart. The young man would not let me leave without assistance so I gratefully allowed him to put the clothes back into the truck of my car for me. As we walked out about five or six people waved bye to Lulu who happily waved and blew kisses to all her adoring fans.

I was happy and thankful to have conquered Mt. Washmore and now I am home with clean clothes.... until next week.

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