Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blank Minds

I have not written a post in several days because I was out of town visiting my parents. For some reason my mind is blank and I cannot think of anything to post about. I find this very strange because I have just been at my parents where crazy things are always happening but forming all those events into a post seems almost impossible.

Do I talk about the fact that my mother was keeping four of my nieces and nephews while their parents vacationed in Hawaii? My nieces and nephews range in age from 14 to 7. The 7-year-old is a special needs child and keeps everyone on their toes. The morning we where leaving I woke up to find her coated from head to toe in poop counting my pills (she did not take any). She is generally a very happy child with a good nature and a stubborn streak. The 14-year-old fell and broke his arm while I was there. The three oldest love to play Uno and Connect 4. I am getting quite good at those games! But not nearly as good as they are.

Do I talk about how my mother wound up arranging a mass, celebration, and showing of Mother Theresa's relics at the last minute? The Missionaries of Charity (the order Mother Theresa founded) has a house near my parents. My mother has been involved with them for years and the sisters declare that my mother is better than calling 911.  Mother Theresa's relics were taking a tour of the USA. At the last minute that added one stop and left my mother with a week to plan the whole event. They expected three to four hundred people to show up and wound up with twelve thousand.  I arrived a couple of hours after the even ended. My mother (who never drinks more than one glass of wine without going to sleep) had already drank a couple of glasses of white wine when I got there before going to bed she drank seven more.

Do I talk about my deaf aunt's troubles? My mother had the joy of trying to explain to my aunt in ASL that her AC was broken and the water to her house had been turned off. My mother had to convince her to stay somewhere else for a few days while my uncles fixed her house troubles. My aunt the next day came in contact with something that she turned out to be allergic to and broke out in welts.

After my aunt left my mother turned to me and said, "Ya'll joke about this being Grand Central Station but I don't live in Grand Central Stations because Grand Central Station is not this busy!" I quipped back, "No mama, you don't live in Grand Central Station you live in a minor emergency room." She did not seem to appreciate that.

Do I talk about how my parents fawned over my children? Papa held Eliza almost the entire time we where there only relenting to give her up when she needed fed or changed or someone else managed to pry her out of his arms.  Both my parents loved watching Lulu happily run around the house amusing herself. They kept thanking me for bringing the girls down for a visit.

They particularly loved bedtime. My father usually fed Lulu ice cream and delighted at her looks of sheer joy each time he offered her a bite. One night Lulu did not want to go to bed. At the mention of bed she ran to her grandmother's protective arms. I walked up and said, "If you go to bed nicely without a fuss then Daddy will take you to an Ice Cream Parlor tomorrow." Lulu thought for a minute then responded, "OK!" Jumped off her grandmother's lap and happily went to bed.

I could go on and on about the happenings at my parent's house for it is strange, crazy, and always busy place. For now I think I have written enough.


  1. Are you sure it's just a place for "minor" emergencies? "Covered in poop" usually constitutes a MAJOR event around here! And I love that your kids got such a great interaction with your parents. Grandparents are the best!

  2. Funny, no one mentioned the poop and pills incident to me...lol! They couldn't hide the broken wrist though ;)

    (Yes, I am the mother of those children...we live in a house where "covered in poop", "something is stuck up her nose" and "We're out of Nutella!" are considered minor emergencies. )

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  4. Just cause it's simple doesn't mean it's not super helfupl.

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