Friday, August 6, 2010


August means the beginning of school. It is one of my favorite months of the year. As the wife of a teacher it means teacher training, in-services, setting up the the classroom, and preparing lessons. For students it means buying books, pens, finding your classrooms, figuring out your schedule, and (if you are college student) moving into your dorm room.

All of this hustle and bustle is full of hope for the new school year. Teacher anticipating what students they will have and how the school year will go. Students eagerly waiting to learn, looking up which teachers they will have this year. It is the first time you look at a school schedule and start dreaming about Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I really miss being a student. I want to go hunt out a note book and fill it with blank paper to fill with notes from my classes. I want to go sharpen a pencil and buy a new pen. I want to go buy my new text books and start flipping through them.

I find that I still make resolutions for the start of  school like it was New Years. I dream of keeping a cleaner house, being more organized, packing my husband's lunch, attending all the school functions this year, getting fit, getting everyone on a sleep schedule, and so on.

I may not be attending school this year but I find the same anticipation and hope still exist. I still look forward to the beginning of the fall semester and what it will bring. I might even buy a new pen.


  1. I too have a soft spot for school supplies. I'd honestly like to have a grown-up trapper keeper. And some nice pens.

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