Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Cognitive Development

Sometime in the last two weeks Lulu has had a huge leap in her cognitive development. She can now follow lengthy directions such as "Go to your room and get the phone off your bed and bring it to me." She can also understand orders like, "If you don't calm down then I am going to have to take you to time out. Calm down." She will actually calm herself down. It is great!

Tom and I have both been greatly enjoying it! Tom has been asking to do things just to watch her follow directions and to test how far her new ability goes.

My favorite part has been the "time out." I have had a problem discipling her recently because if I speak sternly and say, "NO! That was VERY bad!" She looks at me like I have rocks in my head. If I spank (I am not a fan of spanking and therefore this is only a last resort) it has absolutely no effect on the kid. The kid has no nerve endings. Up until the last week or two she did not understand time outs. She hates time outs so it is a great discipline tool!

The problem with this new development is that now she has twice has much to express without the vocabulary to express it with. She will come up and tell me something very seriously in her own language. Normally she is just content to tell me something I don't understand but every now and then you can see her get frustrated. She will ask me to do something that I have no clue what it is. Tom and I have taken to labeling every action she does in hopes that she will pick up the vocabulary. We are constantly saying things like, "You picked up the blanket and wrapped it around your dolly. Was she cold?"

The other odd effect this has had is both a negative and positive effect on her sleeping habits. She will now go to bed on her own! I can say, "Ok, it is time for bed. Go to your room and climb in bed." and she will do it! The negative effect is that it takes her forever to go to sleep now. Before she would be out in five to thirty minutes but now it can take one to two hours to get her to sleep. We still stay in the room with her while she falls asleep because she gets scared when we leave the room. I think hope that she is getting close to the point when we can say "goodnight" and leave her to put herself to sleep.

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