Friday, July 9, 2010

Gobi Grill

Tom and I were not originally planning on doing much for our anniversary.  Just a quiet night at home. Then online Tom discovered a Mongolian grill in town we were both greatly intrigued by it and decided some day we would go there. My mother-in-law decided that we needed to go for our anniversary. She offered to keep the kiddos. We left Lulu but took Eliza with us (something about her only being 7 weeks old and I am paranoid concerned mother).

The idea behind the grill is they give you a metal bowl that you fill with your choice of meat, seasoning, and vegetables. You also pick a sauce and starch (white rice, brown rice, fried rice, pasta, or tortilla). Then you give it to the cook and they grill it on this huge grill. You can stand there and watch or return to your seat and they bring it out to you.

I became very excited when I told the waitress that I needed everything to be gf. She brought me a card that had all of the gf sauces listed and she told me that if I informed the cook then my food would be cooked on a separate grill. I informed the cook right after one of the other cooks accidentally put mine on the main grill. They threw out my food, gave me a new bowl, apologized, asked me to go through the grill again, then marked my ticket "allergy" so that it would not happen again.

Tom and I each went through twice. The food was very filling and very very good! When I first heard the prices I thought it was slightly pricey but having been there I realize it is a good price for all the food you get. I plan on returning and taking my family when they come in town.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Last year I was on a medication that prevented me from eating a LOT of foods, so I know what that stress is like - it was a pretty big deal too - if I ate the wrong thing it could (and one time did) cause some serious medical problems. Fortunately, I'm no longer on that medication but I have a new found respect for people who have to deal with that kind of thing on a day-to-day basis.

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