Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Decline of My Conversations

Before I had children I discussed school, work, religion, fashion, occasionally philosophy and politics. I had the typical conversations you would expect from a young recently graduated college girl. I would never discuss any bodily functions that might be embarrassing.

The other day I was sitting with my sisters-in-law and we were having typical mom conversations. We discussed our children's sleep habits, eating habits, bathing habits, burping habits, and bowl movements. The conversation about bowl movements lasted for about 20 minutes. It did not occur to any of us that it was strange that we had, in great detail, described the shape and size and frequency of our child's poop.

This morning I was talking to Tom and I was once again worrying about the fact that Eliza has not pooped in a little over a week. The doctor has advised me that if she did not poop after a week to give her a small piece of a pediatric suppository. As I discussed this it suddenly dawned on me that I had spent the better part of the week thinking, worrying, and discussing poop. I did not realize that when I had children my conversations would decline so severely.

I wish I could say that my conversations dwelled on embarrassing bodily functions due to my worries over Eliza's inability to poop. Sadly, that is not true. The day you give birth you immediately start worrying about if your new born child poops, pees, burps, spit ups, hiccups, and every other embarrassing body function there is. You discuss it endlessly with the nurse, your significant other, your mother, other mothers, anyone who will listen. It is discussed at all times even at the dinner table. Younger childless family members protest and all the mothers in the room laugh.


  1. I have 2 bachelor's degrees & half a masters & all I do is talk about bodily functions! lol

  2. Ah, i see. Well that's not too trckiy at all!"

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