Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Death of My Table

Three years ago on our honeymoon I bought a beautiful porcelain  Czech napkin holder (my husband is Czech).  This has been a valued possession of mine. I have kept it on my dining room table. My table was a wedding gift from one of my mother's friends. It had originally belong to her mother and she had waited several years to give it away. She wanted to give it to the "perfect couple" who would take good care of it.

Lulu one day climbed up on one of our dining room chairs grabbed the porcelain napkin holder and slammed it into the table. The napkin holder broke in two but is fixable. The table however did not fair so well... It now has a crack in it that is slowly growing.  The table will eventually crack in two. When we looked at fixing it the table top is so thin that there is no way to fix it without furthering the damage.

The funny thing is that is while I am disappointed that my table is now ruined I am not upset about. I had always figured that sometime in the next ten years I would have to replace it anyway. It is a small table and with another kid or two we would quickly out grow it. I knew when I had kids that all of my furniture would have to be able to stand up to abuse because, lets face it, kids are not gentle on furniture.

My next table, however, is going to be deeper so I can fit more food on it; longer, so I can fit more people around it; and at least an inch thick.

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  1. GFM, I have always admired your positive attitude; I admire it again now in regards to your table and what happened to it! Good for you for looking on the bright side. God bless you and your family. :)