Friday, July 16, 2010


After spending all summer getting Lulu on a good sleep routine she and the whole family caught a terrible cold and the sleep routine went out the window. While she was sick she got in the habit of taking a second late afternoon nap. That turned out to be a problem because then she could not go to sleep until late at night. Two nights ago after we kept attempting to put her to bed we gave up in frustration (she would try to go to sleep but couldn't). Finally around midnight she grabbed her pacifier ran back to the bedroom and put herself to sleep. Tom and I were pleasantly shocked! Tom went in and thanked her for going to bed and told her that since she did that so nicely he would take her to ice cream tomorrow.

Yesterday evening we took Lulu to ice cream. When bed time rolled around she started to fuss about going to bed. I leaned over and told her that if she would go to bed nicely I would take her to ice cream tomorrow. She calmly climbed off her chair walked down the hallway and went to bed!

I was one of those women who before I had children said I would NEVER bride my children. But desperate times call for desperate measures and if that is what I have to do to get some sleep for awhile I am willing to do it. I also thought I would not feed my children tons of sugar. I do feed her healthy food most of the time but "treats" are becoming a regular part of the routine to reward good behavior.

Lulu has recently gained the ability to connect action to an effect. She now realizes if she throws a fit she will go to time out. It is great!  Yesterday while I was cooking dinner Lulu kept wining at me. It was making me feel frantic so I turned to her and said, "Do you want to go to time out?" Lulu, "no.." "Then stop whining at me! Go watch your movie and play with your sister." She walked out of the kitchen sat next to her sister on the floor and finished on her movie! I was so happy!

Between time outs and bribery I think we have life under control for now.

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