Sunday, July 11, 2010


Lulu's favorite word right now is, "Ba-Bye!" She says it with great consistency. I have come to greatly enjoy her use of the word. She uses it so say "goodbye"  when she or someone else is leaving. She also uses it when she is about to do something she knows I would get upset about. She will very cheerfully look at me while she is playing and say, "Ba-Bye!!" As she marches out of the room.


  1. LOL how adorable. My son is 12 now but he seemed to love saying Ba-Bye as well. Speaking of them saying Ba-Bye after they do something wrong and then flee the scene of the crime, my nephew would do just this. Except he would say I want to go to Aunt Madison's ba- bye. lol He would make the great escape and be at my house before his mother knew what hit her. Aren't children too cute for words?

  2. And I was just wnodeinrg about that too!