Sunday, July 25, 2010

5 Years Ago

Five years ago today Tom and I started dating. We were not your usual college couple. When we started dating we lived 495 miles apart, we had only seen each other a few times, and we had already met each others families.

We met at Benedictine College (BC), a small Catholic college. When exactly we met there is debatable. Tom thinks we met there January of Sophomore year right after I transferred in. He remembers helping me find the guys dorm when I was looking for my roommate and her boyfriend. I remember meeting Tom later in the semester in the Cafeteria my friend James introduced us. He said, "This is Tom my fiance's younger brother, and this is my fiance's younger brother's girlfriend." He pointed to the young lady sitting next to Tom. The sentence cracked me up and I have forever remember it. Tom and his girlfriend broke up later that semester.

I attended BC for a glorious year before I became ill and had leave on March 6, 2005. As I was walking out of my dorm for the last time Tom, who at that point was barely an acquaintance, walked in. I called out, "Bye Tom! I'm leaving BC."  He looked completely stunned and visibly upset. I reached out and gave him a quick hug before turning to talk to some of my friends. I was doing everything I could to delay the actual departure.

As My mother and I got in the car and pulled away from my beloved college my mother asked, "Who was that young man?" I replied, "Oh, he is the younger brother of one of my friend's fiances. I barely know him. He is only an acquaintance." Little did I know. Six days later I received a letter from Tom. He asked me to be his friend.  That sparked a friendship via snail mail. Almost everyday we wrote letters to each other for six months.

When it came time for his sister's wedding he called me (to this day I don't know how he got my phone number) and help me arrange transportation up to the wedding. He even arranged for me to stay with his oldest sister.  That sparked daily phone conversations but only after  7pm when he had free cell phone minutes.

My sister became intensely interested in meeting this young man who seemed to be sweeping me off my feet so she decided to take action. She picked up the phone one night when Tom was calling me and asked him to come to her birthday party on July 25. To my surprise he accepted the invitation! He drove down and spent five days with my family.

I was nervous about him meeting my family but I did not need to be. His first conversation with my father was philosophical and they discussed the difference between beauty and grandeur. Tom then sat with my mother discussed gardening and sewing. He somehow managed to tease my sister and she left in peals of laughter.

The night before my sister's birthday we sat up late into the night. During that conversation he asked me to date him. I responded, "Let me think and pray about it." The next morning when I got up my mother and sister were practically waiting at my bedroom door asked, "So?? Are you dating??" I responded, "No I asked for time to think." They responded, "ARE YOU CRAZY!! HE IS PERFECT!!" After mass that morning on the drive home I agreed to be his girlfriend.

To my surprise he didn't accept! He insisted that before we started dating he wanted my father's approval. My father was stunned and responded, "I didn't even ask permission to marry Hannah's mother!" (they had eloped)

That was how we started dating. I will have to post about our dating and how we got engaged another time.


  1. Such a classic romance: love letters, parent approval, perfect & sweet. Thank you for sharing.