Friday, July 23, 2010

3 Great Conversations with Lulu

1) Lulu pushed several things out of her way, climbed up on a box, scaled part of a book case and got hold of some nail trimming scissors. I found her starting to stick them in Eliza's mouth. She did not cut or scratch Eliza but she did manage to traumatize the baby. I screamed for her to stop and then had this conversation with her:

Me: You hurt your sister! You made her sad! That was very bad! You need to say your sorry!

Lulu: I saree!

Me: That was bad! Do you understand me?

Lulu: No...

Well, at least the kid is honest.

2) After putting breakfast in front of Lulu this morning we had this conversation:

Lulu: Ma!

Me: Yes?

Lulu: Mom!

Me: Yes?

Lulu: Ma

Me: Yes?

Lulu: Mom!

(this goes on for several minutes)


Lulu: Pess!

I looked at her confused not sure what she is saying. I decided to go back to what I was doing.

Lulu: Ma!

Me: Yes?

(Again this goes on for several minutes)

Me: What Lulu!

Lulu: Pess!!

I suddenly realized I had forgotten to say a blessing over her breakfast!

3) I was in adoration and two adorers left leaving the door open. Lulu blew me a kiss and made the sign for "I love you."

Lulu: Ba Bye!

Me: Ba bye? Where are you going?

Lulu: Outside! Ba Bye!

Me: (suddenly realizing the door is open) No. Lets stay in!

Lulu put on her hat and ran out the door. I grabbed her and directed her back inside. She tried to genuflect and waved at the Eucharist.

Lulu: Oh! Now go!

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  1. Cognitive abilities are scary... especially from a half pint.